The name of this Club shall be GLOBE which is an acronym for Gay, Lesbian Or Bisexual Employees.


The Club is established to advocate lesbian, gay, and bisexual concerns; sponsor educational and cultural programs on lesbian, gay, and bisexual issues; be a liaison between lesbian, gay, and bisexual employees and Laboratory management; foster a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of lesbian, gay, and bisexual employees; and promote a sense of community among our members.


Membership in GLOBE shall be open to employees and retired employees of BNL, BSA or the Brookhaven Area Office of the U.S. Department of Energy, and members of their immediate families; employees of permanent on-site employers (such as the Credit Union, Upton Post Office, cafeteria, etc.) and members of their immediate families.


    A. Designation

    Each year the membership will elect the following officers: President, Vice-president, Secretary.

    B. Duties

    The President shall further the objectives of the Club, preside at meetings, sign official papers, represent the Club in negotiations, and designate sub-committee chairpersons. The Vice-President shall assume the responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President or when delegated to him/her by the President. The Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance of records; keep official minutes of each meeting and inform the membership of future meetings by letter orby phone and shall be responsible for all written correspondence relating to Club business.

    C. Elections

    Officers shall be elected annually and hold office for a term of one calendar year. Before the end of each calendar year, nominations and ballots shall be made for each office, in a manner determined by the Executive Committee and announced by the Secretary.

    D. Vacancies

    An office shall be deemed vacant on the date the individual ceases to be eligible for office or when a resignation is accepted. The President may appoint a member to fill a vacancy for the balance of the term or until a special election is held for that purpose.


Committees may be formed for the purpose of conducting the business of the Club. The President shall appoint the committee chairperson, who may select the committee from the membership. Actions recommended by a committee shall be subject to membership review during the next regular Club meeting.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers and the chairpersons of all standing committees.  Subject to the general approval by Club members, the Executive Committee shall have authority for the routine management of the affairs and finances, and shall have control of property.  It shall be empowered to make rules regarding the use of Club facilities.


Meetings of the Club membership shall be called by the President and announced by the Secretary; said notification shall include the time and place of the meeting and the business to be conducted.  Executive Committee meetings shall be arranged as needed by the President, and the results of such meetings reported to the Club membership at Club meetings or by mail.


Amendments to this Constitution may be made provided that the membership shall have received advance written notice of the proposed amendment (s) in its (their) final form and that an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the present, qualified, and voting membership is obtained.  Rules and bylaws formulated by the Executive Committee shall be in force unless vetoed by a majority vote of the qualified membership present during a club meeting.

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