Hispanic Heritage Club at BNL

By Laws

Article I: Membership Dues and Voting

  1. Determines the club’s membership count.
  2. Gives the member a right to vote.
  3. Gives the member a right to motion.
  4. A quorum shall be 3/4 of those members who are present at a regular meeting.
  5. A quorum must be present at any meeting of the organization at which officers are elected or a vote is taken committing it to any proposal or action.

Article II: Duties: Executive Board and Officers

Duties of the Executive Board:

  1. Formulate the policies, rules and regulations of the club to conform to the Constitution and By-Laws.
  2. Confirm or reject appointments made by the president.
  3. Prepare an annual budget for the club.
  4. Attend to all business not otherwise specified in the Constitution or the By-Laws.
  5. Responsible for calling meetings.
  6. Activities and events shall be subject to review by the Executive Board (amended, 5/15/03)

Duties of the President:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the club and the Executive Board; the president may attend committee meetings, but does not preside at committee meetings.
  2. Serve as official representative of the club.
  3. Countersign financial statements.
  4. Appoint committees subject to the approval of the Executive Board.
  5. Issue and approve all reports as required.
  6. See that the Constitution and By-Laws of the club are enforced.
  7. Approve expenditures authorized by the Executive Board.

Duties of the Vice President:

  1. Assume full responsibilities for the duties of the president in his/her absence.

Duties of the Corresponding Secretary:

  1. Assume full responsibility for the correspondence of the club.

Duties of the Recording Secretary:

  1. Submit minutes of the previous meeting at the opening of each meeting of the club and of the Executive Board.
  2. Maintain the official records of these meetings.
  3. Keep attendance at meetings and ascertain if a quorum is present.

Duties of the Treasurer:

  1. Furnish proper receipt for all monies expended by him/her.
  2. Provide the Executive Board with monthly budget statement and a quarterly financial statement.
  3. Sign checks for submission to persons designated by the president for countersignatures.
  4. Enforce expenditure authorizations depending on the availability of funds within the allocations of the individual annual budgets.
  5. Attend meetings at the request of the Executive Board.

Article III: Nomination and Election of Officers

  1. Nominations of officers shall be recorded in a special meeting scheduled in early December.
  2. The slate of candidates shall be announced to the Club’s membership.
  3. The election shall be conducted during the month of January.
  4. The election of the Executive Board members shall be conducted by an in-person vote of all members.
  5. Tellers appointed by the Executive Board shall tally ballots at the end of the voting session, the candidates receiving the most votes will be elected, the results announced by mail or e-mail.
  6. New officers will begin their terms on February 1st.

Article IV: Meetings

Executive Board:

  1. Board Meeting - to take place once a month.
  2. Quorum (attendance) - three out of five board members must be present to hold a meeting.
  3. Board Vote – a unanimous vote of three is required if two are absent.
  4. Consultant – may be invited to an Executive Board Meeting as an advisor/consultant/facilitator, as needed and with consensus of the Executive Board.

General Membership:

  1. To be held on the last Friday of the month on a quarterly basis.
  2. A quorum must be present at a meeting of the organization at which officers are elected or a vote is taken committing it to any proposal or action. The quorum shall be ¾ of those who are present at the meeting. Only members may vote at meetings.

Article V: Committees

Special committees may be created and a committee chairperson appointed by the president. All members of the organization are eligible for service on committees. The committee chairperson shall have the responsibilities of reporting on committee activities to the club president and the membership at large.

Article V: Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended by ¾ vote in a duly assembled meeting, a quorum being present, provided that notice of the proposed amendment has been given at the preceding meeting.