Hispanic Heritage Club at BNL


Article I: Name

The name of the club shall be “ Hispanic Heritage Club at BNL”

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of the Hispanic Heritage Club is to bring to Brookhaven National Laboratory, awareness and an aesthetic appreciation of Hispanic Culture. To achieve our goals, the organization shall:

  1. Create an environment where members can discuss and support Hispanic Culture.
  2. Develop social events and activities that will promote awareness and appreciation of Hispanic Culture

Article III: Membership

Is open to BNL and BSA employees and their immediate family members, including retirees; the Brookhaven Area Office of the U.S. Dept. of Energy and members of their immediate families; persons with BNL or BSA guest and visiting appointments and members of their immediate families; employees of permanent on site’ employees such as Flik, Teachers Federal Credit Union, Upton post office, etc, and members of their immediate families. All shall be admitted to membership in this group & governed by it’s By-laws. The right to vote is reserved for members of the Hispanic Heritage Club.

Article IV: Membership Fee

Each member will be required to pay an annual membership fee. Fulfillment of dues will be required to hold active status and voting privileges within the club.

Article V: Officers

  1. The Executive Board will consist of the following members: president, vice president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and treasurer as well as ongoing committee chairs, such as membership, hospitality, etc. All of the Executive Board of the club shall have voting rights, with the president voting only to break a tie.
  2. The members of the Executive Board who are elected by the voting members shall conduct the affairs of the club.
  3. Executive Board members shall be elected to a term of one year to begin in February, and may be re-elected. An officer may not serve on the Executive Board for more than (2) terms.
  4. In case of a vacancy in any office, the Executive Board shall nominate a member or fill the vacancy for the unexpired term, and notify the membership of a special election at the next scheduled meeting.
  5. The officers will serve without remuneration.

Article VI: Meetings

  1. Executive Board meetings will be held once a month to formulate and carry out plans for the club.
  2. The president or vice president or a quorum of the Executive Board may call special meetings of the membership.

Article VII: Special Committees

The president shall appoint a committee chairperson as the need arises, subject to majority approval of the Executive Board.

Article VIII: Amendments

  1. This Constitution may be amended by ¾ vote of those members who are present at any regular meeting, quorum being present, provided that notice of the proposed amendment has been given at the preceding meeting.
  2. No amendment of this Constitution that would require reorganization or dissolution shall be made except by a ¾ vote in a duly assembled meeting, a quorum being present, provided that notice of the proposal amendment was duly mailed, 30 days prior to meeting, to each member in good standing.