Hispanic Heritage Club at BNL

2007 Academic Scholarship

We are proud to announce that we will be granting five $500 scholarships to high-school seniors who will start college in the fall of 2007 and are interested in obtaining a degree in science or engineering.

Applicants should:

Click here to download the application form and related information. A flyer to promote the scholarship can be found here.

The winners of our 2007 Academic Scholarships are:

Kenneth Baumann, Longwood HS.

Diandra Drago, Longwood HS.

Stephanie Yanez, William Floyd HS.

Congratulations to them! Each winner received a $500 check.  The award ceremony took place on Friday May 11, 2007 at noon, in Berkner Hall Room B.

BNL's Bulletin coverage of the award ceremony can be read in page 3 of the June 29 2007 issue.