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Congratulations to the 2017 league champions: 
E1: Bombers and M1: 

All players must fill out the Clearance form (employees) or Proof of
Insurance form (others) before they are eligible to play.

Composite bats are BANNED from use and not allowed for
use in any game for any reason.   (READ MORE)  (APPROVED BATS)

Rosters are updated with OMC clearance status as of x/x.  Anyone with an 'N'
status is not allowed to play until they have submitted a medical clearance
form (employees) or copy of insurance card (non-employees, family members,
contractors, etc).   NO EXCEPTIONS!  New OMC status updates (if any) should
 be in by noon on gameday and will be on the web after 3pm on gamedays. 

Check out the Softball Warmup PDF from the Physical Therapy Office


MEDICAL CLEARANCE FORM - All lab employees (people with all-numerical
life numbers) are required to submit a medical clearance form to M. Thorn,
Bldg. 490 before they are allowed to play.  Get the form
All other players (spouse, contractors, etc.) must fill out the Proof
of Medical Insurance form.

Also, players and spectators are prohibited from consuming
alcohol at the games until they are complete.  Spot checks will occur during
the season. (Alcohol Permission Form)

PLAYERS POOL: If you are a player in need of a team go to this website.

CAPTAINS in need of players should check the list periodically for updates.

ALL INJURIES should be reported to Christine Carter & the softball board
no later than 10am the following day.  Include the injured person's name,
date, approximate time, injury, severity, and a description on how the
injury occurred. 

All players must be 18 or older.  All rosters
will be checked and any team found breaking the rule will face severe
penalties.  If you need more information or are unsure as to the status of an
individual, please email Paul Sampson or Eric Kramer or any of the officers.
Captains are responsible for making sure all teammates are compliant!!!

2018 schedules for Leagues:  E1 | M1
This is a map of the Field Locations
This is a diagram of the field layout

2017: E1: Bombers M1:
2016 E1: Kool 'N' Gang M1: Heavy Hitters  
2015: E1: Kool 'N' Gang M1: OER Wellheads  
2014: E1: Kool 'N' Gang M1: Heavy Hitters  
2013: E1: No Estimate M1: Heavy Hitters  
2012: E1: Skells M1: Heavy Hitters  
2011: E1: Chemically Imbalanced M1: Outlaws  
2010: E1: Kool 'N' Gang M1: Blunt Force  
2009: E1: Kool 'N' Gang M1: Diamond Dawgs  
2008: E1: Kool 'N' Gang M1: Brew Crew  
2007: E1: Kool 'N' Gang M1: Motley Crue M2: Diamond Dawgs
2006: E1: Kool 'N' Gang M1: OER Wellheads M2: Diamond Dawgs
2005: E1:  Kool 'N' Gang M1: OER Wellheads M2: Hounds & Foxes
2004: E1:  Sure Fire M1:  OER Wellheads M2:  Hounds & Foxes

Last modified: May 9th, 2018
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