2016 Tuesday League E1 Softball

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        E1 TEAMS

01 - Chemically Imbalanced

02 - No Estimate

03 - Antibatters

04 - Kool 'N' Gang

05 - Bombers





Congrats to the 2015
Playoff Champions
Kool 'N' Gang

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WINNING CAPTAINS:  Please remember to get the game
results to your league rep, Paul.  THANKS!

All games start at 5:30pm.

Tuesday, May 10

   Field  Away Runs       Home   Runs   
1Chemically Imbalanced   13   Antibatters   3
2Kool 'N' Gang 10 No Estimate 5

Tuesday, May 17

   Field  Home Runs       Away   Runs   
1No Estimate 9 Chemically Imbalanced 10
2 Antibatters  5 Bombers 8

Tuesday, May 24

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1Chemically Imbalanced 1 Bombers 15
2Antibatters 21 Kool 'N' Gang 6

Tuesday, May 31

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1 Bombers 16 Kool 'N' Gang 24
2No Estimate 13 Antibatters 16

Tuesday, June 7

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1Chemically Imbalanced    Kool 'N' Gang  
2Bombers   No Estimate  

Tuesday, June 14

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1 No Estimate   Kool 'N' Gang   
2Antibatters   Chemically Imbalanced  

Tuesday, June 21

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1Bombers   Antibatters  
2Chemically Imbalanced   No Estimate  

Tuesday, June 28

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1Kool 'N' Gang   Antibatters  
2Bombers    Chemically Imbalanced  

Tuesday, July 12

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1Antibatters   No Estimate  
2Kool 'N' Gang    Bombers  

Tuesday, July 19

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1No Estimate   Bombers  
2Kool 'N' Gang   Chemically Imbalanced  

Tuesday, July 26

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1Chemically Imbalanced   Antibatters  
2Kool 'N' Gang   No Estimate  

Tuesday, August 2

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1No Estimate   Chemically Imbalanced  
2Antibatters   Bombers  

Tuesday, August 9

   Field  Away   Runs   Home   Runs   
1Antibatters   Kool 'N' Gang  
2Chemically Imbalanced   Bombers  

Tuesday, August 16

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1Bombers   Kool 'N' Gang  
2No Estimate   Antibatters  

Tuesday, August 23

   Field  Home   Runs   Away   Runs   
1Bombers   No Estimate  
2Chemically Imbalanced   Kool 'N' Gang  

pp - Postponed
f - forfeit

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