Players looking for a team?  Captains looking for players?  You are in the right spot. 

PLAYERS looking for a team please send an email to Caitlin with your gender, email, extension, and
preferred league to play in (E1, M1, both, or either).  Your information will be posted here.  League E1 is
the 'Employees League'.  Generally this is mostly a men's league, but several women do play here.
E1 follows USSSA Master's Rules.  League M1 is the 'Mixed League' and has additional rules for
co-ed play (outfield arc, alternating male/female batters, minimum number of women needed to play).
All players must be over 18 years of age and possess a valid health insurance card.  No exceptions!

CAPTAINS - You are encouraged to check this page regularly and select players to fill out your roster.
Please make every effort to pick up players for your team using the contact information below.  When you
select a player from the pool, please send an email to Caitlin indicating you have selected a
player so they may be removed from the pool.

Name Gender       Email            Extension     Preferred League     Add'l. Comments

Recreation Department x2873

Softball Hotline x2737

Last modified: May 16, 2017
For information contact:
Caitlin Harper x5249

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