From C. Lasalla regarding usage of gas grills at the fields

 The propane tank of a gas grill should NOT be removed and replaced for every game.  In
other words, leave the tank and secure the doors if necessary.  We do not want propane
tanks transported between games around site.

To fill the empty tank:  (1) Make sure the valve on the tank is closed tightly; (2) Place the
propane cylinder on the floor in the backseat of the car and stand it in an upright position.
If necessary place old towels or blankets around the tank to make sure it will not fall over.
DO NOT TRANSPORT IN TRUNK; (3) Open the car's back windows to provide ventilation;
(4) Drive directly to your destination and remove the propane tank immediately upon arrival.
Never leave a propane tank unattended in a car, even if you believe it to be empty.

Some reminders from Christine Carter, Supervisor Quality of Life/BERA/Recreation:

I'm so pleased that the season is underway!!!

A reminder to all who play and attend BERA Softball:

* We are very fortunate to have BNL facilities and support for the league.  Treat each other and the facilities respectfully.
* All players must be on a roster, and all players who are not BNL employees (guests, users, visitors, family) must show proof of health insurance (copy of insurance card, etc.).
Avoid injuries by stretching, play within your ability, and by not allowing aggressive play.
* No alcohol during games.
* Pick up all litter & use the appropriate can for disposal.  I will be checking the fields, as will Grounds.  If it's a mess, I will find you.  Please use ash can for charcoal, red cans for garbage, yellow for recycling.
* No fires.
* Should there be an injury, it must be reported to me & the clinic within 24 hours.  Please use this form:

Message from Deputy Director Doon Gibbs and BERA:

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is PROHIBITED after the games unless you have filled out, submitted, and received an approved Alcohol Permission form.  Put down the dates of play and a time from ~7pm-9pm.  Consumption of alcohol during play time is absolutely forbidden.  To do so, you jeopardize your safety, your insurance coverage, your employment, and the BERA Softball League.  This includes guests and fans.  Please be smart.

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