For the Official USSSA Slowpitch Softball Rules, click here

Composite bats are BANNED for use in any game for any reason.  Click to read more.
The list of approved bats is available here.

For the Modified BNL League Rules (where necessary), click here

Alcohol Permission slips must be filled out EACH year and signed by 2-3 team members.  (FORM)

Rule Clarifications:

INFIELD FLY RULE:  Rule applies when there are fewer than two outs, and a force play at third
If a fair fly ball is hit that in the umpire's judgment is catchable by ordinary effort, the batter is
out regardless if the ball is caught or not.  On a caught infield fly, runners must tag up in order
to be eligible to advance, as on any catch.  If the infield fly ball falls to fair ground untouched,
or is touched and dropped, runners need not tag up.  In either case the force play on other
runners is removed.  Full explanation click here.

 LEAGUE M2 OUTFIELD ARC:  The BNL local league rules state the following in regards to the outfield arc:
"An Outfield Arc will be used in the Mixed Leagues.  An Outfield Arc shall be marked 165 feet from Home Plate. 
When a female batter is at bat, the outfield players are not permitted past that line until the female batter makes contact with the ball.  This rule will be monitored on the honor system.  If a Defensive Player continually violates
this rule it will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct."
One should note that the rule states "outfield players" (with no regard to gender) are not permitted past the
 arc until contact is made.  Therefore, all outfielders, male and female, should start behind the arc.



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