ACTIVITY: Slow-Pitch Softball

Employees, spouses and retirees participate annually. See Eligibility for complete details.
ADMINISTRATION: Each team selects a captain to administer the team.

The Softball Executive Board is elected each season.
EXECUTIVE BOARD: Consists of Officers and League Representatives. 
The Board has been established to promote and regulate Lab-wide organized softball under the approved program of the Brookhaven Employees Recreation Association.
OFFICERS: All Officers are elected by majority vote of the previous year's captains and serve until the following year.
--To preside at all meetings.

--To serve as oficial representative to BERA.

--To appoint committees as required.

--To preside at protest hearings.

--To administer the softball season, including scheduling and eligibility.

--To inform League Reps of rainouts, postponements and schedule changes.

Vice President

--To represent the President in his/her absence.


--To assume responsibility for correspondence.

--Record the minutes of the Ececutive Board meetings.

--Prepare information packets for teams.

--Submit publicity to the Bulletin, etc.

--Will hold the official team roster.


--To maintain a detailed record of all finances.

--To maintain a bank account for League deposits.

--To pay the Leagues Fees and bills.

Web Master

--To maintain Web Page.

--To keep an accurate record of players pool, team rosters and standings.

--To publish any League information to the Web Page.
--To act as liason between the Board and the members of the League for which he/she was elected.

--To attend all Board meetings.

--To cooperate with all committees necessary.

--To collect and maintain the standings of teams in the League and to forward scores of recent games to the Secretary for publication.

--To record protests of the League for presentation to the Executive Board.

--To maintain current records of team rosters for all teams in their League.

--To inform the team captains of rainouts, postponements and schedule changes.

Team Captains

--To attend all softball meetings to represent the interests of his/her team.

--To maintain current rosters, informing their League Reps of any changes, attendance records and game scores.

--To elect the Softball Executive Board.

--To promptly (within 24 hrs.) forward the score of the most recently won game to the League Rep.

--To collect all membership dues from the team players for forwarding to the Treasurer.

--Each team is required to have one co-captain to assume responsibility in the absence of the captain.

--Each team is required to submit two (2) BNL phone extensions, an e-mail and BNL mail address for correspondence.

--To represent their team in any requests for rule changes or additions to the BERA Softball Program.

--To inform their team of rainouts, postponements and schedule changes.

--To submit final rosters (blank) to the Secretary.

--Will control their players and not allow aggressive play, at any time.

--Will fill out a team Evaluation Sheet when necessary.

--Will fill out an Injury Report Form when a player receives an injury of any kind.

--Will take care of any correspondence & information that should be brought to the attention of the league. Teams will not contact each other directly; they must go through the proper channels.
MEETINGS: The Board shall meet as required to formulate and carry out necessary action on behalf of the players. 

Players desiring changes and/or additions to the softball program shall make their requests known to their captains or League Reps who will present suggestions.

Special Meetings may be called by the President as needed.









































































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