BVA / Adopt-A-Platoon Team

Our team provides monthly care packages to a support group made up of troops from the Army, Air Force and Marines that are deployed overseas. Due to the drawback, our servicemen do not have access to full base facilities. We will be supporting them throughout their deployment and need your help in providing some of the items they need. We also send care packages to BNL employee’s family members! Just recently we were supporting two soldiers from Mattituck who have returned.

We always need supplies to send. See the list below of requested itmes. In addition, we are always in need of funds for postage. 
If you can help, please send your monetary donations to: 
  Brookhaven Veterans Association (BVA)
  POB 671
  Upton, NY 11973
(Note: In memo section on checks write "support troops")

Donation boxes are located in the following buildings: 400 Lobby, 510 Room 1-113, 452 outside main office.

NOTE: Special Requests for our servicemen:
Prepared meals, snacks, sunscreen with high SPF, hygiene kits for both genders, board games, microwavable foods, individual drinks, warm weather items

Current Events

  • William Goggins is a Mattituck HS Class of 2011 graduate that is currently serving overseas.


    I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the packages you guys have provided to the team out here. It's really appreciated. The looks on their faces when I open boxes and tell them it's from my home area and for the whole group is priceless. This last package was enjoyed rather quickly! Attached is a photo of some of the group that has been around in the Logistics Shop that you guys are helping out. Again, Thank you for everything you guys do!

    1st Lt Billy Goggins

  • Letter to Our Soldiers
    View a heartwarming letter written by a student from the Pulaski Street School in Riverhead.  A copy of this letter was included in the shipments sent out to the troops following their Candy Drive.

  • CellPhones  Cell Phones for Soldiers Recycling Program
    Please send your old/used cell phone to Linda Feierabend, Bldg 510. FREE calling cards are being sent to our adopted platoon and to BNL family members. Each individual has been receiving calling cards with 60 free minutes. The old/used cell phones are recycled and funds used towards the calling cards. Learn more about this program

  • Passing the Hat for the Troops!  A group in Portsmouth, NH does this and we thought it would be nice for us to do for the platoon we are supporting. The idea is to knit or crochet helmet liners using wool because it is warmer, safer and less flammable. Dark colors like green, brown, navy are good so that the caps blend in with uniforms and dark clothing.  If you know how to knit or crochet and would like to make a helmet liner to donate to our platoon, click here for instructions.

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