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173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team

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Photo above is of the 173rd Airborne and some of the items that Adopt-A-Platoon has sent to them. "The laundry soap came in at a perfect time. Thanks for your support again. Also, we are 90 days out, so not sure if you want to keep sending items. We thank you for everything that you have sent and the prayers that have been sent out our way. Thanks for everything."  Russ


Photo above of the 173rd - The Foliage Green caps and balaclavas they are wearing are some of the items we have sent.

Pictured above are some of the boxes (12 in all) that Adopt A Platoon was able to ship on 11/20/07 to 110 members of the 503rd Airborne. Some of the items sent were: 30 poncho liners, 50 Balaclavas, 40 fleece watch caps, 110 fleece glove liners, 110 thermal boot socks, 48 containers of foot powder, 36 pairs of boot laces, microwave, 2 VCRs, DVD player, refrigerator, 120 VCR tapes, movies, food, a Christmas tree, holiday decorations, and donated goods totaling 500 lbs. Many thanks to the wonderful personnel at the Upton Post Office who are always so helpful when they assist us with this huge task. We would also like to thank all the BNL employees that supported the fundraising event we held earlier this month, without that support this shipment could not have taken place!

Spc Castro Bonifacio is a member of the 173rd Airborne and writes a touching note of thanks. view his note. December 2007

Sgt. Woodall is our contact with the 503rd and forwards mail to us.  Click here to read Brian's thank you (12/12/07) and here to read Capt P's thank you.

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