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TF Iron Titan - 3rd squadron, 71st Cavalry
71st Calvary embedded with the 10th Mountain

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Xavier setting up something


Doc with their Intel Specialist - Krystle

Doc getting Baptized

The cook. He now has a microwave thanks to you

COB running Microsoft intel

Mortar Fire Mission

Pitching Tents

X and "Guts" building showers

X and Lewis chillin'

X deploying for a mission

Here's the 'scoop' from Xavier aka X, our contact with the 71st Cav/10th Mountain.  Xavier is a FISTER. It is the term used for someone in his line of work.  He is a 13 foxtrot, or a fire support specialist.  They have a FIST, or forward indirect support team.

The place were Iím at is a little farther out from Altimur, its COP Bauguess but were so far out and donít have any real fluent re-supply that we donít have a mailing address, thatís why everything it sent to Altimur then resent to us through re-supply of water food and other things we need like wood ETC. they just find room for the mail and send what they can. There are 3 platoons with us, each ahs about 20-30 men in it. we have medics that are female but they have their own support from their company. we are scheduled to come back in DEC so the last day to send would be middle of  NOV. we have cramped living conditions in hard tin buildings, the other half are in tents. we have no running water, we have to go down to the river and fill up our buffalo every 2-3 days. we have power from mobile generators running 110, everything is jimmy rigged but it works. for the most part the most needed things are baby wipes. snack foods and canned foods, peanut butter ETC. the food out there isnít the best and anything would be appreciated.  if you hadnít heard of Altimur then Bauguess is defiantly not going to be on the radar out there, well the supplies we need are mainly bath size wipes, baby wipes and disposable razors, since our ONLY luxury now is our new MWR some soldiers are ordering little camping pressure washing machines since we are forced back to the stone age to wash our clothes, also sun showers are a hot item since there are so few and the terrain is tearing them up very quickly, i know these items are a bit much to ask for but if one could be sent it helps greatly, me and a SGT from my section pitched in to buy sun showers for our guys and the infantry platoons out here, but like I said they are used sooo much and the terrain its almost impossible to keep them together, I'm working on trying to get more little washing machines out here cause the ammo cans we are using are starting to rust and the 1 I have is being used so much it has to be jimmy rigged. oh and anything to heat water quickly is good since once again I have 1 percolator that heats water in about 5 seconds but it gets really hard to find when so many people use it. its not for coffee its has a metal base inside that heats the water and has a little filter by the spout like to play cards, poker chips are another hot item it doesnít matter what kind or quality just a good amount if thatís ok with you, thanks. laundry detergent, it doesnít matter what kind or quality just something to wash our clothes with, shampoo is hard to rinse out lol....Well I have some news for you. Our whole company will be moving to another location. and this place is the same as when we got to Bauguess. No electricity running water or anything. They said they were bringing showers and restrooms to us here at Bauguess but delivered two huge plastic water towers with nothing to hook them up too. (thanks to our concerned chain of command) so basically all we got was something to hold more water now. The place we are going to be wont have an address either, but its just right down the street in the village we are outside of. We are calling it the DC, or district center since we will be in the dead middle of the village. Our refits will be back here in Bauguess every couple of weeks, the MPs are taking over but we should have some HHC guys left here for the TOC. I'm trying to get on the HHC crew that will stay here and monitor the Mirc and radios....

Its a huge mess right now with dates we are leaving, how long we will be doing rotations and who is leaving and who is permanent party. There is some good news though. we are attached to a CAV unit, they gave our infantry unit their alpha troop and our unit gave the CAV scouts us Bravo company. Well their troops are small so we had to put some of our guys in with their platoons. Bauguess is 2 B Company. platoons and 1 CAV platoon, where as Kherwar is 2 CAV platoons and 1 B company platoon. Well since the move, Squadrons new commander who used to be infantry is letting us have our 1st platoon back and letting us take all our guys back. Squadrons old commander went back to the states. So now I'm in a difficult spot cause I know my boys in the other platoons are going to be far worse than I am here, but here isn't too good either. I've made up my mind and my command in my section has agreed that we will send most of the things that you send to the platoons who are leaving to the DC. I think we can manage with what we got. We have managed this far and hopefully our 2 star can deliver what he has promised....

The COP that we are staying at was close to being done. It was going to be used for the soldiers on the line to come and refit, or rest eat decent food and we have phones and internet. Well, the plan now is to go down to the DC, or middle of a village that is crawling with Taliban and were our boys do missions, the IEDs are really bad, we've been hit countless times but no one killed yet, some broken bones and rattled heads but that's about it. the DC is very small and barely holds the small amount of dudes we have there. Our command has decided that everything goes! All our guys the tents, trucks, chow hall, food water extra stuff we have here. We have to break down the MWR, its were we have our phones and internet. we have 3 weeks to do it, and they want it done before it gets cold. we are totally leaving this place and having the Afghan army take over.  We were going to get real showers and heating in the buildings for when the guys came back to warm up and rest, but they cancelled all that and we are going back to square one.  There is no where to sleep but the tents we are bringing, no room for them or the trucks. We will be crammed like sardines and living uncomfortably and freezing our butts off.

Thanks again for everything! ...

I got the washboards and woobies that you sent in. I sent them out to our guys that already moved out to the suck (DC). They said they went quickly. Even our first sergeant got into some stuff. ..

I  got the boxes, I don't remember how many but 13 seems about right. I got the microwave, electric skillets, TP, woobies, and poker chips.  The water heaters can be canceled, we got showers here but they are not hooked up yet. There is no telling when they will be either. I got the body washes, no laundry detergent and little hand sanitizers.

So far its still a go on moving but nothing has happened yet, we made a couple big pushes of supplies out of here to the DC, but after that one time its been a dead stop. there is a lot of confusion going around about what's going to happen, at the higher level people are saying we are leaving then some are saying we should at least keep a military presence, so I don't know what to tell you yet. There are only 4 of us from HQ platoon here at Bauguess and the rest are permanent party at the DC, if they do decide to keep some people here I'm almost sure I'm going to stay here at Bauguess. I've been sending what I can to the DC when we have guys going out, but I hear its really bad there.... pretty much square 1 again.

I forgot to count the 6 HQ guys we have attached to the 3 infantry plts. I have given a lot of stuff to them. They were big takers of the boots, and woobies. the COP that I'm at is being run by myself and a SGT. right now I'm trying to coordinate a pass to Quatar with my wife soon (X's Wife is stationed in Afghanistan at a different base). We will need gloves that will allow the men to shoot and some of the others will be good to sleep with cause its snows about 4-8 feet here. If you need something to go buy on sizes that don't have numbers this will help 1/4 LG 3/4 med, and maybe some smalls. I'm trying to get sizes for boots but so far the ranges are 9R 10R 10 Wide 11R 12R 13R. the numbers are going to be hard to get cause comms with my boys at the DC is limited to mission status only.

All our boys send their thanx and remind me everyday how awesome you guys are....

I have some bad news, we lost a dear friend in HHC. they were driving down a road and the road gave out and the vehicle rolled over crushing our NBC dude to death. I'm not in Bauguess and haven't been for a couple of days, I'm helping set up his memorial tomorrow, are company will be there. I guess you can order enough for 29 now, ill keep in touch.

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