Adopt-A-Platoon Team

About Us

The Adopt-A-Platoon Team consists of BNL employees.  Some of us have served our Country and some have not.  Our mission is to make life somewhat easier for our military serving outside of the 'green zone', by sending items that they have requested. They usually have no access to shopping and mail delivery is sometimes sparse or difficult.  National Adopt-A-Platoon supplies us with a group that fits these parameters.

In addition, we ship items on a monthly basis to BNL family members that are serving overseas and also support special projects that National Adopt-A-Platoon requests of us.

Team Members:

Team Leader Bob Duffin
BVA Liason Mike Paquette
Secretary Joyce Fortunato
Webmaster Maria Schmidt
Project Support Sue Duffin
Project Support Linda Feierabend
Project Support Joe Fortunato
Project Support Christine Metz
Project Support Lisa Metz
Project Support Deborah Reynolds
Project Support Ed Shea
Project Support Diana Teich
Project Support Linda Verbeeck

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Last Modified: October 4, 2019
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