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BNL Family Members on Active Duty

Matthew Prestifilippo is the cousin of DOE Terri Kneitel and has been stationed in Afghanistan. He sent thanks to the Adopt-a-Platoon Team for the care packages he received from us. He said they meant so much to him and his entire Platoon.

Manuel Grau (far right below) is a BNL employee at the Collider-Accelerator Dept. His son Dean (left of Manuel) is a Marine and was stationed in Afghanistan this past year. Adopt-a-Platoon were honored to send him one of our care packages. Dean was so grateful to receive them that he wanted to come and thank the AaP Team in person. So on Dec 20, 2012, while on redeployment leave for 2 weeks he came to BNL. Dean said that all his buddies wanted to know who he knew to receive all those goodies.
Matthew Prestifilippo is the cousin of BNLer Terri Kneitel. Matt's dad forwarded this message: My Son received his package from your company. He REALLY appreciates it and so do I. Please extend my deepest gratitude to everyone involved. It's a hell hole where he is and I'm sure it will cheer him up.
Teich Family thanks Adopt-a-Platoon. Bulletin article

Dean Grau, the son of BNL’s Manny is second from the left on the front row. The Adopt-a-Platoon Team
shipped several packages to him while he was stationed in Afghanistan..
Michael, son of Joe Stanicsi of the Facility and Operations Directorate was home on leave, click here for the Bulletin storyAdditional photos taken by John Passaro of this heartwarming event.

photo taken by Roger Stoutenburgh
Gregory Condemi's nephew writes on Facebook:

Hey Uncle Greg! We got the package from your company. On behalf of my platoon, I'd like to say thank you and we appreciate it very much!  Thanks to the Brookhaven BVA. You all do a great job!
Please pass this along and give my personal give my thanks to everyone.  Greg

John McCaffrey's nephew:

Hey John,
  Just wanted to thank you for your package from the lab... tell every1 there that I really appreciate it and every1 here with me does too. My buddy and I were actually sittin there lookin at a package he got from a church and yer guys' package beat it by far... lol but no seriously it was a really good package... you guys put it together real well and didn't send unneccessary stuff... Just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know we really appreciate it all and Thanks a bunch again... Can't wait to get back to NY and see you. Hope everything is going well.  Mike 


First off I would just like to say I was very honored to be a part of the Brookhaven Veterans Association Memorial Day Ceremony. It was such a beautiful event, I have a feeling it will not be my last, there at the Lab.

What I really would like to bring to light, is another package form your committee arrived to the delight of all. I can't thank you enough! The items that are in you care packages are the value of gold to the troops, devoured during meals time, during movies, and out on missions.

But my time in Iraq has come to an end. Due to the needs and wants of the Army, I will be re-deploying back to the states and working with units getting ready to go to other parts of the world. I one again want to thank you for your support over the last few months, you and your team make a world of difference

CPT Rick Lutz
306th Military Police Battalion

Adam Walters, son of BNL employee, Tom Walters, writes a letter of thanks for the package received from BVA / AaP. Adam's letter (4/25/08)
Kathy Ratto’s nephew, Bill, (photo above) was able to call his wife from Iraq. He mentioned the package he received from BVA AaP and how appreciative they were. Especially one man in particular because of a fleece jacket that was included and he had not brought enough winter clothes. Kathy just wanted to thank everyone for sending a bit of home to Bill and his group.

Pictured (above) on the right, is Specialist Tom Daniels, son of BNL employee, Tom Daniels. He is currently stationed at Camp Stryker at Baghdad Airport.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of my father's co-workers for their outstanding support for me and my fellow brothers-in-arms. Everything you have done has been extremely appreciated and I cannot put into words the amount of heartfelt gratitude I have for each and every one of you. I would like to wish you and your families all a safe and happy holiday this Christmas season. Thanks again, and God bless.  -Tommy Daniels
BNL employee Gretchen Cisco’s son (photos above) and daughter-in-law,
SGT Charles Cisco & his spouse, SGT Veronica Cisco (photos below).
Gretchen reports that they received the packages AaP sent and they want us to
know how much it meant to them. There was so much, they were able to
share with the others in their platoon. 

On behalf of the Multi-National Security Transition Command - Iraq
"... thank you for the wonderful care package that we received from Brookhaven National Laboratory's Adopt-a-Platoon program. We had a lot of fun going through the box and sharing all the items amongst the staff. Receiving these items makes life much easier on us, and, more importantly, it reminds us that people are thinking of us back home". 
CPT Joanna Hall

Recipients of a package we sent to BNL employee. "...It is like Christmas morning when we get a care package. Everyone's moods just change instantly..."  Joanna Hall

BNL Adopt-A-Platoon organizers and members of the BVA join Joanna Hall and Chris Carter in preparing care packages for our troops.  Chris is holding the care package that will be sent to her sister-in-law, PFC Amy Vreeland. (Below) PFC Vreeland has received her package and is all smiles. 

PFC Amy Vreeland

BNL employee Capt. Joanna Hall (right)

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