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Project Trick or Treat

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500 Trick or Treat bags were shipped!!

For Halloween 2008, we stuffed 500 Trick or Treat bags with candy, magazines, hygiene products, etc. and shipped them to our current platoon. We had extras and shipped them to other groups supplied by National Adopt-a-Platoon.

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Below are photos from Benjie Dunlap who was nice enough to send some photos and a nice to thank you to us.

We received yall's care packages for Halloween, and we can't say thank you enough. The Army requires us to watch our weight and physical fitness... but I had to let that slide for a day or two. That candy was too good to pass up. :)

It means so much to have yall's support. Thank YOU for your willingness to serve as well. God bless and we'll be home soon!
SPC Dunlap, Benjie

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