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Current Events

    Homeless Veterans Need Your Help - Please donate!

    We are sponsoring a ONE day event to collect items for the Suffolk County United Veterans agency who run a shelter for homeless veterans in Yaphank.

       Berkner Lobby
       Friday December 4, 2015
       11 am till 1:30 pm
    "1-1-1" Event
    1 - Gently used item of men's clothing Click here for more information or list of suggested items

    We will gladly accept more than one of any of the items requested!
    1 - Dollar donation
    1 - Non-perishable food or men's toiletry

  •   Cell Phones for Soldiers Recycling Program
    Please send your old/used cell phone to Joanne Delles, Bldg 400A. FREE calling cards are being sent to our adopted platoon and to BNL family members. Each individual has been receiving calling cards with 60 free minutes. The old/used cell phones are recycled and funds used towards the calling cards.  Learn more about this program
  • Passing the Hat for the Troops!  A group in Portsmouth, NH does this and we thought it would be nice for us to do for the platoon we are supporting. The idea is to knit or crochet helmet liners using wool because it is warmer, safer and less flammable. Dark colors like green, brown, navy are good so that the caps blend in with uniforms and dark clothing.  If you know how to knit or crochet and would like to make a helmet liner to donate to our platoon, click here for instructions.

  • The information provided here comes from the National Adopt-a-Platoon organization. If you are interested in adopting a solider on your own, please keep reading.

  • Click here to view The Gratitude Campaign.





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