Established:  8 March 2007


Former Officers

We would like to thank the five founders of BERA’s Brookhaven Veterans Association (BVA) for their hard work and tenacity in bringing this club to fruition. Their concerted efforts and dedication have united former members of our military who are now BNL employees. BVA bylaws prescribe a limit of two 2-year terms. Hence, the founders have stepped down after serving their limit, and we welcome our new officers, wish them well, and look forward to the continued success of the BVA.         

2015-2017 Officers
Commander: Don Farnam
Vice-Commander: Dennis Ryan
Sgt-at-Arms: John McCaffrey
Finance Officer: Bob Duffin
Adjutant: Michael Paquette

2013-2015 Officers
Commander: Joe Sullivan
Vice-Commander: Bill Leonhardt
Sgt-at-Arms: Dennis Ryan
Finance Officer: Bob Duffin
Secretary: John Gallagher

2011-2013 Officers
Commander: Scott Bradley
Vice-Commander: Joe Sullivan
Sgt-at-Arms: Dennis Ryan
Finance Officer: John McCaffrey
Adjutant: John Gallagher 

2007-2011 Founding Officers  
Commander: Don Farnam            
Vice-Commander: Mike Paquette  
Sgt-at-Arms: Louis Gerlach         
Finance Officer: Pete Palamidis    
Adjutant: John Passaro, Paul Ribaudo (elected 2009)   



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