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Update on Vet Dogs Previously Trained at Brookhaven

"Training Unusual Soldiers", article from The Bulletin.

Remember Boe and Budge?  Read their story here from The Bulletin.

Major Art Yeager and Captain Cecilia Najera with the newly promoted Boe in Tikrit Iraq. Both Major Yeager and Captain Najera trained here at BNL.  Click on "The Guideway" and see page 8 to view article.

CNN Video, January 26, 2008 - Doggie Therapy, Meet Sgt. Boe, the latest addition to Camp.

We received an e-mail from Major JP Arnold, the public affairs officer for the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, at COB Speicher, Iraq, where SSG Calaway and Boe are stationed. Major Arnold writes:

As a dog lover and deployed soldier in Iraq, I appreciate your willingness to allow 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Aiborne Division (Air Assault) Soldiers to daily interact with Boe. She is a beautiful and loving dog. I am sure there will be hundreds of soldiers' lives that she will have a positive effect upon.

I just had a Non-Commissioned Officer come in my office to see the pics and story of Boe, the Black Lab. I met him in our foyer where we have photos of our brave and valorous fallen. One of the fallen was his former soldier. The night before, he had learned of his death. This NCO is in great shape and has the look of a well-built Special Forces trooper. He said this on seeing Boe the day after his buddy died, "That dog has very gentle eyes. It was good timing that I saw her." This NCO will be out a lot and see more tough situations.

Again, thanks to you for letting Boe be a part of our Iraq lives.

To view the letter from the Multi-National Corps - Iraq on how Combat Stress Dog Puts Bastogne Soldiers 'At Ease' click here.

BNL article from December 20, 2007
BNL Police Group Assists Guide Dog Foundation and U.S. Military in Training VetDogs

Newsday article from December 14, 2007
Dogs will help ease pain of injured U.S. soldiers

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