2015-2016 Players Pool

If you want to be added to the Players Pool... email the Volleyball League Secretary, Marie Van Buren.

Name                       Gender  E-mail                    Ext.     Bldg.  League   Comment
----                       ------  ------                    ----     -----  ------   -------
Ryan Southard              M       rsouthard@bnl.gov                  438    OB       Only at BNL until mid-December
Merlin Fisher-Levine       M       mfisherlevine@bnl.gov     4060     510A   M2,OB    
Richard Rosero             M       rrosero@bnl.gov           4992     555    OB
Jim Rank                   M       jrank@bnl.gov             8101     703    OB       Can only play 5:30 matches in OB
John Lyons                 M       jlyons@bnl.gov            7922     735    M2       Has already found a team for Wednesdays, but can play on Mondays if needed
Lindsey Rice               F       lindseylrice@gmail.com                    M2       Wife of John Lyons, is a non-employee
Mikhail (Misha) Zhernenkov M       zherne@bnl.gov            5158     743    OA    
Gloria deBoer              F       gloria.deboer@gps.centerragroup.com       OB
Ran Meng                   M       ranmeng@bnl.gov           3361     490A   M2,M3
Last modified on 10/19/2015