Original: October 1997
Updated: 9/13/02

The B.N.L. Volleyball League shall consist of all volleyball leagues operating under the approved Brookhaven Employees' Recreation Association (BERA). The primary goal of the Volleyball League shall be to promote volleyball as a recreational activity for the enjoyment of all participants.

I. Management

Management of the Volleyball League shall be vested in an Executive Board, which shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster.

All officers shall serve an elected term of one year. Each member of the Executive Board shall have one (1) vote at meetings of the Executive Board, and one (1) vote at captains' meetings. All officers shall be selected by a majority vote of team captains at the last Captains' Meeting of each season (see Section III). No more than two officers may be from the same team.

The primary function of the Executive Board shall be to promote and regulate organized volleyball under the approved BERA program, U.S.V.B.A. Volleyball rules, and approved local rules. The Executive Board shall be responsible for forming and balancing leagues to promote competitive play. In addition, the Executive Board shall rule on the eligibility of individual players, as outlined by Appendix 1.

Each team shall be represented through its captain, who shall have one (1) vote at regular captains' meetings. The captain shall have the exclusive responsibility for attending all captains' meetings, entering valid rosters, payment of participation fees, notification of roster changes, and notification of protests, as well as court duties as defined in U.S.V.B.A. and local rules. The captain shall be an employee.

Each captain shall select a co-captain, who shall be named as such on the entering roster. The co-captain shall have the same rights and responsibilities as the captain in the captain's absence. A captain who is also a member of the Executive Board shall have one (1) vote only at captains' meetings, and that team may not be represented by a co-captain also.

II. Captains' Meetings

The captains of teams planning to participate in the coming year shall meet on the third Wednesday of September at a place chosen by the President. Notice of this meeting shall be placed in the Brookhaven Bulletin by the Secretary. Team captains must submit a preliminary roster at this time, which must consist of at least six (6) players, and for the mixed Leagues, at least two (2) of these must be women. In the Mixed Leagues, a finalized roster consisting of at least three (3) women must be submitted within one (1) week of this meeting. Only those captains submitting preliminary rosters as defined above shall be eligible to vote. No rosters will be accepted after the first meeting, except under extenuating circumstances.

At this meeting, proposals for local rule changes, changes to the constitution, and rule changes for each league shall be accepted. All proposed changes must be submitted to the President (or Secretary) within one (1) week of this meeting.

At this meeting, the Secretary shall distribute copies of all currently active local rules.

After accepting all rosters, the Executive Board shall meet and divide the teams into leagues, and the President shall present a schedule for play (see Section I).

There shall be a second captains' meeting on the first Wednesday of October. At this meeting, the captains of each league will decide upon specific rules pertaining to their league, as well as the mechanism by which playoff and championship games shall be played. This will be decided upon by a majority vote of those present. The specific schedule, including playoff and championship games shall be drawn up by the President before the season begins. Numbering of teams on the schedule shall be by lot. This schedule will be approved at a meeting of the Executive board and distributed to team captains before the beginning of regular play. Any change to the playoff mechanism which may be deemed necessary after play has begun may only be made at a regular captains' meeting.

Play shall begin the second week of October.

Play will be suspended during the week before Easter Sunday.

In addition, the Executive Board may choose to call a meeting of team captains at anytime during the season to discuss and/or decide matters pertaining to organized volleyball play at BNL.

III. Officers

All officers shall be elected at the last captains' meeting to be held on the last Wednesday before the first play-off match. Nominations for new officers should be submitted in writing to the Volleyball League Secretary no later than two weeks before the election. The Secretary will send a memo with the names of all nominees to the team captains at least one (1) week before the election. Formal nominating and seconding of candidates, and any last minute nominations will take place before the election is held. Each team shall have one (1) vote for new officers. All officers, in addition to being active players, must be full-time employees. New officers will assume their posts at the first captains' meeting of the next season.

The President's duty shall consist of presiding at all meetings, drawing up playing schedules for approval by the Executive Board, and accepting protests in the Vice-President's absence. The President shall be the liaison between the Volleyball League and BERA.

The Vice-President shall enjoy the same responsibilities and privileges of the President in the absence of the President. In addition, the Vice-President shall receive and handle all protests and shall advise the Executive Board of the interpretation of playing rules.

The Secretary shall be responsible for attending all meetings, and keeping minutes of all meetings. The Secretary shall post all meeting dates in the Brookhaven Bulletin. The Secretary shall notify BERA of new officers at the beginning of each season. The Secretary will distribute the minutes of Executive Board Meetings and captains' meetings to all team captains and Executive Board members within ten (10) days. In the event that the Secretary is absent, a substitute shall be appointed by the President.

The Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining up-to-date information on the "Web", including, but not limited to, the Constitution, Local Rules, rosters, and league standings. The Webmaster shall post the results and standings in the Gym, the Brookhaven Bulletin, and by email to interested recipients.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for custody and disbursement of league funds as directed by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting team fees, and the payment of referees. He/she shall give a written financial report as requested by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall, upon election, acquire the letter and signature cards required by the bank to change signatures on the Volleyball League account. The Treasurer shall be responsible for obtaining receipts for all payments.

The Vice-President shall be responsible for acquiring qualified referees for every BERA Volleyball League match played throughout the season. The Vice-President will ensure that only the highest standards are adhered to throughout the year. To this end, the Vice-President shall hold at least one (1) Referee Clinic during the season.

If a vacancy occurs in the Presidency, the Vice-President shall automatically become President. If a vacancy occurs in both the office of President and Vice-President, the Secretary shall become acting president until a meeting of team captains can be called to elect a new President and Vice-President.

If a vacancy occurs in the office of Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Webmaster, the President will appoint a candidate. The name of this candidate will be circulated to the captains by mail. Upon majority approval, the candidate will assume the responsibilities of that office with full voting privileges.

IV. Amendments to the Constitution

Any amendment to this Constitution may be proposed at a captains' meeting. If deemed appropriate, a special meeting shall be called at a future date to discuss proposed changes. Written notice of the meeting and proposed changes shall be sent to all team captains and members of the Executive Board by the Secretary. All changes shall require a two-thirds vote of at least half of the team captains.

V. Protests

Decisions based on the judgment of the referee or other game officials are final and not subject to protest.

1. Interpretation of Playing Rules

Disagreements with interpretations of the rules must be brought to the attention of the referee prior to the serve following the disputed play. The captain of the protesting team may be the only one to bring the protest to the attention of the referee.

If the explanation of the referee is not satisfactory, the referee should confer with other available referees in an attempt to resolve the dispute. If this is still not satisfactory, the captain may indicate that her/his team is playing the game under protest from that point. The referee shall then stop play and record all pertinent facts of the protest including: score of the game at the time of the protest, players in the game and their positions on the court, player and team substitutions made prior to the protest, team time-outs charged prior to the protest, a synopsis of the situation that caused the protest and the rule violated or omitted, or the penalty improperly imposed, and signatures of both team captains and the referee to indicate that the facts have been properly recorded. Upon completing the report, the referee will direct play to be resumed.

The referee's report will be forwarded to the Vice-President within twenty-four (24) hours of the protest. The Vice-President shall call a meeting of the Executive Board not later than one (1) week after receiving the referee's report to rule on the protest. The referee and team captains involved may attend the meeting to attest to the facts and to defend their positions, but will have no vote in determining the outcome of the protest. In the event that a team captain involved in the protest is also an Executive Board member, he/she shall not have a vote in the decision made by the Executive Board. The decision of the Executive Board is final.

If the protest is upheld, the game will be replayed from the point immediately preceding the disputed play. If the protest is denied, the score and situation will remain as if no protest had been lodged.

In the event that a protest is lodged by the Vice-President, the Webmaster shall be responsible for handling the protest.

2. Interpretation of the Constitution and Local Rules

Protests involving the interpretation and application of the BNL Volleyball League Constitution and/or administrative local rules shall be submitted in writing to the Vice-President by the team captain(s) lodging the protest. The Vice-President shall call a meeting of the Executive Board not later than one (1) week after receiving the protest. The team captain(s) involved may attend the meeting to defend his/her (their) position, but will have no vote in determining the outcome of the protest. The decision of the Executive Board is final.