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Entrants in the 2016 BNL Masters Healthfest Table Tennis Competition
left to right: Yong-Nian Tang, Yangang Liu, George Wei, Weiguo Yin, Xiaochun Yang, Jianming Bai

Winners of the 2016 BNL Masters Healthfest Table Tennis Competition
left to right: Yangang Liu (runner-up) Jianming Bai (Champion), George Wei (3rd place), Yong-Nian Tang (4th place)

The BERA Soccer Club participates in the Suffolk Menís Soccer League (2015-2016 team photo)

Participants Jason Farrell, John Sinsheimer and Andy Fox after the 400 Yd Swim for Healthfest on 10-16-15

Crave the Wave, team BNL in the Port Jefferson Dragon Boat Race Festival, Saturday, September 19,2015

BNL Healthfest Table Tennis Open ~ Oct 8, 2014 - Doubles Tournament

BNL Healthfest Table Tennis Open ~ Oct 8, 2014 - Singles Tournament

BNLers participated in the ninth annual Marcum Workplace Challenge on July 29, 2014 at Jones Beach State Park 
Photos taken on the evening of October 30, 2013 for the awarding ceremonies of the BNL table tennis team
competitions (Yianbiao Cup) and the BNL Table Tennis championship.

BNL Healthfest Table Tennis Open ~ Oct 3, 2013

2013 BNL Table Tennis Open:
Champion: Gary Nintzel , 2nd place: Shinsuke Yoshida, 3rd place: David Grills, 4th place: Joseph Woicik
Best female players: Thuy Fuong Nguyen Phan and Cindy Fang

2013 BNL Table Tennis Open: Top three in 2nd tier games: Dennis Carlson, Jeff Williams and Liping Wang

BERA Aerobic Fitness Club
The last class was held on April 23, 2013 after 28 memorable years with wonderful people!

Jianming Bai presents Weiguo Yin his award for 5 years of Creative Leadership & Dedication as
President of the Table Tennis Club - 2012

2012 BNL Singles B Tournament:
Champion: Mike McGuigan, 2nd Place: YanQing Ma,
3rd Place: Gary Nintzel, 4th Place: Joe Woicik

2012 Female Tournament:
Champion: Cindy Fang, 2nd Place: Feifei Li

The Marcum Workplace Challenge took place at Jones Beach on July 31, 2012 and
57 Lab employees participated in the walk/run.

African American Affinity Group Art Show Ė Feb. 17, 2012

Members of the Cycletrons, a BERA Club for the Labís motorcycle enthusiasts (2011) 
2011 BNL Healthfest Table Tennis
Group A - Singles Tournament
2011 BNL Healthfest Table Tennis
Group B - Singles Tournament

The Marcum Workplace Challenge had 65 Lab employees participate in the walk/run at Jones Beach on July 26, 2011.

2010 BNL Table Tennis Tournaments & some of the participants

On Aug 3, 2010 the Marcum Workplace Challenge was held at Jones Beach and 60 BNLers participated.

Cycletrons Treasurer Chuck & wife

Cycletrons enjoying a beautiful day at the Gazebo

Cycletrons Sec Toni Hoffmann & Prez Tony Arno

Terry & Craig Diaz, Tony Arno & Frank Dusek
at St. Mary's Toy Run - November 2008

BNL won the first SBU-BNL TABLE TENNIS GAME 22-10

1st tournament between SBU & BNL October 2009

Annual Ride To Work Day

June 2009

Champion: Jianming Bai
Runner-up: George Wei
Third place: Yian-Biao Zhang
Fourth place: Lev Neymotin

1st TABLE TENNIS GAME between Stony Brook University & BNL

October 2009

Table Tennis Tournament October 2009
A spectacular championship game by
Jianming Bai and George Wei, which went onto game five!

2009 BNL Body & Soul Month - Table Tennis Group B Tournament

Hospitality Cooking & Craft Club made 'pumpkins' with yams on 9-24-09
2009 BERA Summer Camp Photos

(To download RealPlayer, go to:

2009 BERA Summer Camp
Softball fields before

Softball fields during


July 28, 2009
BNL participants at the Marcum Workplace Challenge at Jones Beach

Soccer Team 2008-2009

BERA Service Award

Softball field #1

Display Table Tennis tournament
at Berkner, 4-29-09

Display Table Tennis tournament
at Berkner, 4-29-09

Display Table Tennis tournament
at Berkner, 4-29-09

  What is the game of GO?
GO tournament (photos above) organized by a group of BNL employees, held on Saturday, Feb 7, 2009.  GO is a fascinating
board game popular in many Asian countries and growing in the US since the founding of the 'American Go Association'.

Lois Marascia and Racquetball
members - 2008

Rip Bowman & Camera Club members
with live model

Gour-Mets Softball Team 2008

Table Tennis Show for CDC

2008 Badminton Tournament

KunQian, 2008 Badminton winner

Packages from "home" were sent to the Multi-National Security Command in Iraq from members of the BNL Adopt-a-Platoon

Brookhaven National Laboratory
Veterans Association (BVA)

Barry Lafler, of the Art Society Club, contributing some pieces to the fall arts and craft show at BNL.

BNL Trailblazers - Feb 2009

BNL Trailblazers - Lake George 2008

BNL Trailblazers - Lunchtime Inlet, NY 2008

Trailblazers youngest member 2008

Speculator NY River Trail 2009

BNL Trailblazers

APAA members
perform the Tinikling

APAA members perform a
Chinese ribbon dance

APAA celebrates 2009 as the
Year of the Ox

Children perform to raise funds for disaster victims in Asia

Payton King tries to avoid John Butlerís block during an Open B League volleyball match.

BERA Board Holiday Luncheon

Nuts & Bolts takes on the Court Jesters during
a Mixed 2 League volleyball match.

77th Regional Readiness Command (RRC) takes the field for the Casing of the Colors Ceremony - 7 September 2008 -
Brookhaven National Laboratory More...

77th receives a 21 gun salute
from the New York State Veteran
Corps of Artillery 9-7-08

Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA) organized a summer BBQ party at Indian Island County Park to greet the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games.

BNL Social & Cultural Club 
BERA Social & Cultural Club

2007 BERA Table Tennis Tournament
BERA Table Tennis Club

2007 BERA Team - George H. Braithwaite the
US Ping-Pong Diplomat. George stands on the right on TIME Magazine cover and in the middle above.

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