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Joseph S. Wall


Research Interests

Mass mapping of unstained biological molecules with the scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM), particularly assemblies of complexes from subunits of known size and shape. Examples include: Alzheimer's filaments, viral capsids, annelid hemoglobins, hemocyanins, proteases, chaperonins, microtubule proteins, prions and various nucleic acid-protein complexes. Another research area is instrument development involving design and construction of an instrument for low-temperture, energy loss spectroscopy, and elemental mapping at low dose. This is being used to map phosphorus in nucleic acid-protein complexes, phosphorylated proteins and phospholipid structures.

He also is director of the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope STEM Facility which currently hosts over 50 user projects per year from around the world. These projects focus on use of the STEM for mass measurements of single molecules, or of gold cluster labeling for identifying molecular sites. Wall represents BNL (along with Y. Zhu) on DOE's TEAM Project (Transmission Electron Aberration-corrected Electron Microscope) which seeks to develop instruments with 0.5Å resolution. He is active in the CFN (Center for Functional Nanomaterials) in demonstrating the capabilities of the state-of-the-art aberration-corrected instruments recently installed there.

Selected Publications

  • Hodgkinson, J. L., Horsley, A., Stabat, D., Simon, M., Johnson, S., da Fonseca, P. C., Morris, E. P., Wall J.S., Lea, S. M., and Blocker, A. J.
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    Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 16(5): 477-485 (May, 2009). (News & Views: Waksman, G. Going round in circles: The structural biology of type III secretion systems.
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  • Wall J.S., Simon, M. N., and Hainfeld, J. F.
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  • Kendall A., McDonald M., Bian W., Bowles T., Baumgarten S.C., Shi J., Stewart P.L., Bullitt E., Gore D., Irving T.C., Havens W.M., Ghabrial S.A., Wall J.S. and Stubbs G.
    Structure of flexible filamentous plant viruses.
    Journal of Virology, 82(19):9546-9554 (2008).  PubMed
  • Volkov V.V., Wall J. and Zhu Y.
    Position-sensitive diffractive imaging in STEM by an automated chaining diffraction algorithm.
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  • Wall J.S., Simon M.N., Lin B.Y. and Vinogradov S.N.
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  • Jiang Z.G., Simon M.N., Wall J.S., and McKnight C.J.
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    Proc National Acad of Sci USA, 104(9):3195-3200 (2007).  PubMed
  • Sen A., Baxa U., Simon M.N., Wall J.S., Sabate R., Saupe S.J., and Steven A.C.
    Mass analysis by scanning transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction validate predictions of the stacked β-solenoid model of HET-s prion fibrils.
    J of Bio Chem ., 282(8):5545-50 (2007).  PubMed
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  • Ding S.-Y., Rumbles G., Jones M., Tucker M.P., Nedeljkovic J., Simon M.N., Wall J.S., Himmel M.E.
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