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Joanna Fowler


Research Interests

  • Organic synthesis; radiotracer design and synthesis with positron emitters; mechanistic studies relating to the development of radiotracers for positron emission tomography (PET) for animal, human and plant studies; translational applications of radiotracers to problems in energy and environment and human health; PET studies of receptor activity, enzyme activity and drug and plant hormone movement.



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Selected Publications

  • Best M., Gifford A.N., Kim S.W. , Babst B., Piel M., Rösch F., and Fowler J.S.
    Rapid radiosynthesis of [11C] and [14C]azelaic, suberic, and sebacic acids for in vivo mechanistic studies of systemic acquired resistance in plants.
    Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, 55:39–43, (2012).
  • Alexoff D.L., Dewey S.L., Vaska P., Krishnamoorthy S., Ferrieri R., Schueller M., Schlyer D.J., and Fowler J.S.
    PET imaging of thin objects: measuring the effects of positron range and partial-volume averaging in the leaf of Nicotiana tabacum.
    Nucl. Med. Biol., 38(2):191-200. Epub 2010 Oct 27. (Feb 2011)  PubMed
  • Alia-Klein N., Parvaz M.A., Woicik P.A., Konova A., Maloney T., Shumay E., Wang R., Telang F., Biegon A., Wang G.-J., Fowler J.S., Tomasi D., Volkow N.D., Goldstein R.Z.
    Gene x Disease Interaction on Orbitofrontal Gray Matter in Cocaine Addiction.
    Arch Gen Psychiatry. 68(3):283-294 (2011).  PubMed
  • Gifford A.N., Kuschel S., Shea C., and Fowler J.S.
    Polymer-Supported Organotin Reagent for Prosthetic Group Labeling of Biological Macromolecules with Radioiodine.
    Bioconjugate Chemistry, (2011). [Epub ahead of print]  PubMed
  • Logan J., Alexoff D., and Fowler J.S.
    The use of alternative forms of graphical analysis to balance bias and precision in PET images.
    J. Cereb. Blood Flow Metab., 31(2):535-546 (2011).  PubMed
  • Reid A., Kim S.W., Seiner B., Fowler F.W., Hooker J., Ferrieri R., Babst B., and Fowler J.S.
    Radiosynthesis of C-11 labeled auxin (3-indolyl[1-11C]acetic acid) and its derivatives from gramine.
    J. of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharm., ( DOI: 10.1002/jlcr.1894 (Mar 2011). pdf
  • Wang G.-J., Geliebter A., Volkow N.D., Telang F.W., Logan J., Jayne M.C., Galanti K., Selig P.A., Han H., Zhu W., Wong C.T., and Fowler J.S.
    Enhanced Striatal Dopamine Release During Food Stimulation in Binge Eating Disorder.
    OBESITY (Silver Spring). 2011 Feb 24.  PubMed
  • Biegon A., Kim S.W., Alexoff D.L., Jayne M., Carter P., Hubbard B., King P., Logan J., Muench L., Pareto D., Schlyer D., Shea C., Telang F., Wang G.J., Xu Y., and Fowler J.S.
    Unique distribution of aromatase in the human brain: in vivo studies with PET and [N-methyl-11C]vorozole.
    Synapse, 64(11):801-807 (2010).  PubMed
  • Hooker J.M., Kim S.W., Alexoff D., Xu Y., Shea C., Reid A., Volkow N., and Fowler J.S.
    Histone deacetylase inhibitor, MS-275, exhibits poor brain penetration: PK studies of [C]MS-275 using Positron Emission Tomography.
    ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 1(1):65-73 (2010).  PubMed
  • Liu L. Xu Y. Shea C. Fowler J.S., Hooker J.M., and Tonge P.J.
    Radiosynthesis and bioimaging of the tuberculosis chemotherapeutics isoniazid, rifampicin and pyrazinamide in baboons.
    J. Med. Chem., 8;53(7):2882-2891 (2010 Apr).  PubMed
  • Shumay E., Fowler J.S., and Volkow N.D.
    Genomic features of the human dopamine transporter gene and its potential epigenetic States: implications for phenotypic diversity.
    PLOS ONE, 5(6):e11067 (2010).  PubMed
  • Shumay E., and Fowler J.S.
    Identification and characterization of putative methylation targets in the MAOA locus using bioinformatic approaches.
    Epigenetics, 5(4):325-342 (2010).  PubMed
  • Volkow N.D., Fowler J.S., Wang G.-J., Shumay E., Telang F., Thanos P., and Alexoff D.
    Distribution and pharmacokinetics of methamphetamine in the human body: clinical implications.
    PLOS ONE, 5(12):e15269 (2010).  PubMed
  • Volkow N.D., Wang G.-J., Fowler J.S., Tomasi D., Telang F., and Baler R.
    Addiction: Decreased reward sensitivity and increased expectation sensitivity conspire to overwhelm the brain’s control circuit.
    Bioessays, 32(9):748-755 (2010).  PubMed
  • Volkow N.D., Wang G.-J., Tomasi D., Telang F., Fowler J.S., Pradhan K., Jayne M., Logan J., Goldstein R.Z., Alia-Klein N., Wong C.T.
    Methylphenidate attenuates limbic brain inhibition after cocaine-cues exposure in cocaine abusers.
    PLOS ONE, 5(7):e1150-e1159 (2010).  PubMed
  • Wang G.J., Geliebter A., Volkow N.D., Telang F.W., Logan J., Jayne M.C., Galanti K., Selig P.A., Han H., Zhu W., Wong C.T., and Fowler J.S.
    Dopamine D4 receptors modulate brain metabolic activity in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum at rest and in response to methylphenidate.
    Euro.Journal of Neurosci., 32(4):668-676 (2010).   PubMed
  • Wang R., Wang G.J., Goldstein R.Z., Caparelli E.C., Volkow N.D., Fowler J.S., and Tomasi D.
    Induced magnetic force in human heads exposed to 4 T MRI.
    Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 31(4):815-820 (2010).  PubMed
  • Hooker J.M., Reibel A.T., Hill S.M., Schueller M.J., and Fowler J.S.
    One-pot, direct incorporation of [11C]CO2 into carbamates.
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl., 48(19):3482-3485 (2009).  PubMed
  • Kil K.E., Biegon A., Ding Y.-S., Fischer A., Ferrieri R.A., Kim S.W., Pareto D., Schueller M.J., and Fowler J.S.
    Synthesis and PET studies of [(11)C-cyano]letrozole (Femara), an aromatase inhibitor drug.
    Nucl Med Biol., 36(2):215-223 (2009).  PubMed
  • Reid A.E, Hooker J., Shumay E., Logan J., Shea C., Kim S.W., Collins S., Xu Y., Volkow N.D., and Fowler J.S.
    Evaluation of 6-([18F]fluoroacetamido)-1-hexanoicanilide for PET imaging of histone deacetylase in the baboon brain.
    Nuclear Medicine and Biology 36(3):247-258 (2009).
  • Volkow N.D., Fowler J.S., Logan J., Alexoff D., Zhu W., Telang F., Wang G.-J., Jayne M., Hooker J.M., Wong C., Hubbard B., Carter P., Warner D., King P., Shea C., Xu Y., Muench L., and Apelskog-Torres K.
    Effects of modafinil on dopamine and dopamine transporters in the male human brain: clinical implications.
    JAMA, 301(11):1148-1154 (2009).  PubMed
  • Alia-Klein N., Kriplani A., Pradhan K., Ma Y., Logan J. , Williams B., Craig I.W., Telang F., Tomasi D., Goldstein R.Z., Wang G.-J., Volkow N.D., and Fowler J.S.
    The MAO-A genotype does not modulate resting brain metabolism in adults.
    Psychiatry Research, 164(1):73-76 (2008).
  • Fowler J., Volkow N.D., Logan J., Alexoff D., Telang F., Wang G-J., Wong C., Ma Y., Kriplani A., Pradhan K., Schlyer D., Jayne M., Hubbard B., Carter P., Warner D., King P., Shea C., Xu Y., Muench L., and Apelskog K.
    Fast uptake and long-lasting binding of methamphetamine in the human brain: Comparison with cocaine.
    NeuroImage, 43(4):756-763 (2008).  PubMed
  • Hooker J.M., Schönberger M., Schieferstein H., and Fowler J.S.
    A simple, rapid method for the preparation of [11C]formaldehyde.
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl., 47(32):5989-5992 (2008).
  • Reid A., Ding Y.-S., Eckelman W.C., Logan J., Alexoff D., Shea C., Xu Y., and Fowler J.S.
    Comparison of the pharmacokinetics of different analogs of 11C-labled TZTP for imaging muscarinic M2 receptors with PET.
    Nuclear Medicine and Biology, 35:287-298 (2008).
  • Alia-Klein N., Goldstein R.Z., Kriplani A., Logan J., Tomasi D., Williams B., Telang F., Shumay E., Biegon A., Craig I.W., Henn F., Wang G.-J., Volkow N.D., and Fowler J.S.
    Brain monoamine oxidase A activity predicts train aggression.
    Journal of Neuroscience, 28(19):5099-5104 (2008).
  • Baler R.D., Volkow N.D., Fowler J.S. and Benveniste H.
    Is fetal brain monoamine oxidase inhibition the missing link between maternal smoking and conduct disorders?
    Journal of Psychiatry Neuroscience, 33:187-195 (2008).  PubMed
  • Fowler J.S., Alia-Klein N., Kriplani A., Logan J., Williams B., Zhu W., Craig I.W., Telang F., Goldstein R., Volkow N.D., Vaska P. and Wang G.J.
    Evidence that brain MAO A activity does not correspond to MAO A genotype in healthy male subjects.
    Biol. Psychiatry, 62(4):355-358 (2007).  PubMed
  • Fowler J.S., Kroll C., Ferrieri R., Alexoff D., Logan J., Dewey S.L., Schiffer W., Schlyer D., Carter P., King P., Shea C., Xu Y., Muench L., Benveniste H., Vaska P. and Volkow N.D.
    PET studies of d-methamphetamine pharmacokinetics in primates: comparison with l-methamphetamine and ( --)-cocaine.
    J. Nucl. Med., 48(10):1724-1732 (2007).  PubMed
  • Fowler J .S., Logan J., Wang G.-J., Volkow N.D., Telang F., Zhu W., Franceschi D., Shea C., Garza V., Xu Y., Ding Y.S., Alexoff D., Warner D., Netusil N., Carter P., Jayne M., King P. and Vaska P.
    Comparison of Monoamine Oxidase A In Peripheral Organs In Nonsmokers and Smokers.
    J. Nucl. Med.,  46(9):1414-1420 (2005).  PubMed
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    Low monoamine oxidase B in peripheral organs in smokers.
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    Selective Reduction of Radiotracer Trapping by Deuterium Substitution: Comparison of [ 11 C]L-Deprenyl and [ 11 C]L-Deprenyl-D2 for MAO B Mapping.
    J. Nucl. Med., 36(7): 1255-1262 (1995).  PubMed