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Louis A. Peña - Figure 3

Co-localization of radiolabeled FGFR-targeting peptide probes to EAE lesions in rat brain.   T1-weighted images without contrast (A.) and with gadolinium contrast (B.) show focal hyperintense lesion (right arrow) and diffuse hyperintensites (left arrow).  After MRI imaging, the animal was injected with iodinated RTD4 peptide, and after 15 min ex vivo autoradiography of brain slices from the equivalent anatomical section was done (C.), showing co-localization of labeled probe (RTD4) with lesions seen with MRI.  Similar experiment with another subject, showing T2-weighted images without contrast.  In (D.) a normal animal at equivalent anatomical position is shown to compare with (E.) EAE animal with hypointense and displacing lesion (indicated by arrow).  Ex vivo autoradiograpy shows co-localization of labeled probe with lesions as in Panel C.