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New York Blue/P Allocations and Charging



on the fen to see the number of node-hours you have left in the current calendar year month for running batch jobs on NY Blue/P. This command will also display your usage over the last 6 months, and who in your group might still have some allocation left. After you issue the command there may well be a delay while the information is retrieved, so please be patient.

Allocations of time are made by the Allocations Committee.

Computer use is generally free of charge provided the results are to be published in the open literature or sponsored by a government agency.

For proprietary use there is a standard charge to cover operating expenses. The charges are as follows:

Category Setup (One Time) Rate per Node-Hour
BNL Users $316.60 $0.0062
DOE Programs $441.50 $0.0086
Non_DOE and New NIH $454.74 $0.0162
Existing NIH/Exempted Work for Others $441.50 $0.0086

See the BNL web site for the official posting of current rates.