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NY Blue/L: Sample LoadLeveler Batch Job Control File

Sample LoadLeveler Batch Job Control File

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Sample LoadLeveler batch job control file


The following sample specifies class

There are also classes:

A description of the latter two classes and how to modify this sample for a class short or long job can be found in the Notes for Sample .

# @ job_type = bluegene
# @ class = normaldyn
# The executable that will run your parallel application should always be specified as per the next line.
# @ executable = /bgl/BlueLight/ppcfloor/bglsys/bin/mpirun
# Run on 512 nodes using a dynamic partition.
# Specify partition size using the following statement. This statement is the only way a partition size 
# should ever be specified in a LoadLeveler job control file, i.e. use of bg_partition
# has been eliminated.
# It is possible to run on fewer processors than those afforded by the partition size, see the 
# description of -np in the "Notes for Sample" below. BUT NOTE THAT you must use 
# @ bg_size 
# and not -np to specify the partition size.  In other words, you must use 
# @ bg_size
# to allocate the partition. 
# Then you can optionally use -np to run on fewer processors if this is necessary 
# for your run -- but you will charged for the entire partition that you allocated.
# @ bg_size = 512
# initialdir (see the next active line) will be used as the working directory for this batch job. 
# @ initialdir = /home/johndoe/app1/runs
# If for example your jobid is 82, your output and error will be written in
# directory /home/johndoe/app1/runs, to files 82.out and 82.err respectively.
# @ input = /dev/null
# @ output = $(jobid).out
# @ error = $(jobid).err
# Maximum wall clock time for job will be 5 minutes.
# @ wall_clock_limit = 00:05:00
# Send email to when job has completed.
# @ notification = complete
# @ notify_user =
# Specify executable for your parallel application, and arguments to that executable.
# Note that the arguments to specify for the executable will vary depending upon the executable.
# Specify any special environment variables for your application that need to be in the environment 
# presented to the job on the compute nodes, they will vary
# depending upon the application -  some applications will not require any - so delete or modify the
# -env specification below.
# @ arguments =  -exe /home/johndoe/app1/exe/app1.exe \ 
-cwd /home/johndoe/app1/runs \
-mode VN \
-env "LOGNAME=/path/to/my.logfile DATAPATH=/path/to/my.datafile" \
-args "-i input.inp -o output.out"
# The next statement marks the end of the job step. This example is a one-job-step batch job,
# so this is equivalent to saying that the next statement marks the end of the batch job.
# @ queue

Notes for Batch Job Control File Sample

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