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NY Blue/P Debugger

The only debugger currently available on NY Blue is the GNU Debugger, on NY Blue/P, to debug applications running on the compute nodes.

It is located on the front-end nodes as /bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/bin/gdb. (Do not use /usr/bin/gdb ).

You can use it to attach to an MPI task and debug your application from the front-end even though it is running on the compute nodes.

Before debugging you must contact Len Slatest, who will reserve a partition for you to use for debugging.

For details about how to debug once a partition has been reserved for you, see the Debugging on Blue Gene/P System section of the June 5, 2009 NYCCS Presentation .

An additional reference is the Debugging Applications section 9.2 of the IBM redbook IBM System Blue Gene Solution: Blue Gene/P Application Development .