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Batch Job Submission on NY Blue/P

All jobs should be submitted to the compute nodes from the login node (i.e. from the front end node), as batch jobs via IBM's LoadLeveler. We are currently running LoadLeveler version

On NY Blue/L the modes available for your job are CO or VN.

BUT on NY Blue/P the modes available for jobs are VN, DUAL, or SMP.

These modes are described in the "Execution Process Modes" chapter of the IBM Blue Gene/P Application Development Redbook .In your NY Blue/P LoadLeveler batch script you should NOT specify a particular predefined partition of compute nodes on which your job will be run. See the:

hyperlinks on the sidebar for details.

There is a maximum wall clock limit of 24 hours on all LoadLeveler jobs.

Bear in mind that the batch system favors incoming jobs with smaller specified wall clock limits, so it is to your advantage to specify a wall clock limit that is not larger than what your job will actually need.

All jobs must specify the class to be used and the class must be normal, see the Sample LoadLeveler Batch Script hyperlink on the sidebar at the left which also discusses how to monitor jobs and the meaning of the codes displayed when one monitors one's batch job.

We are still in the process of testing LoadLeveler and implementing the best configuration for it, your patience is appreciated.

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