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Scratch Disk Space

There is scratch disk space available for Blue Gene users. Unlike your home directory, it is not backed-up, and the Blue Gene technical stuff reserves the right to purge all scratch space files as needed.

All scratch disk users' are asked to keep their total disk consumption to a reasonably size. Remember, you are sharing this space with others! If the scratch disk space reaches full capacity, it may be necessary to purge files to make space.

How to create your scratch disk space:

To create scratch disk space for your Blue Gene username, create a subdirectory for your username under:


You can use the df command to decide upon which of those to use.

For Example:

johndoe@fen:/gpfs> df -k

/dev/scratch1 93769728000 91527290880 2242437120 98% /gpfs/scratch1
/dev/scratch2 179725312000 157390832640 22334479360 88% /gpfs/scratch2
/dev/scratch3 78140436480 68668420096 9472016384 68% /gpfs/scratch3

(scratch3 is the least full, only 68%)

cd /gpfs/scratch3
mkdir johndoe
( /gpfs/scratch3/johndoe will be your scratch disk space directory )