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CUDA and OPENMP High Performance Computing


The BNL Computational Science Center is sponsoring a 3-day workshop that will provide an introductory tutorial that will study the algorithmic underpinning used by a number of parallel programming technologies, including CUDA and OpenMP.

Session Information

Workshop Eligibility

Attendance is free. There are a limited number of seats, and applying does not confirm acceptance, so please register early; each registrant will receive email as to whether there is space remaining and if he/she will be able to attend.

Please note, first preference will be given to BNL employees. Participants should have a computer capable of running ssh (either natively with Macs/Linux boxes or via putty or the equivalent on Windows systems).

Participants are assumed to know how to use ssh, and should have access to BNL computers: we won’t be providing any instruction regarding for example the use of RSA SecurID.

Participants should verify prior to registering that they can physically access the BNL site, otherwise they could be delayed at the BNL main gate, or even not permitted to access the site, on the days of the workshop. Direct any site access questions you may have to the Guest, User, and Visitor Center.

Workshop Speakers

  • Dave Stampf (BNL)
  • Nick D’Imperio (BNL)

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Last Modified: December 27, 2017