Suzanne Davidson

Chief Financial Officer for Finance

Suzanne DavidsonAs the Laboratory’s Chief Financial Officer for Finance, Suzanne oversees Brookhaven’s Budget Office, Fiscal Services Division and the Procurement and Property Management Division. She also is responsible for a broad range of financial activities, including the planning and implementation of the Laboratory’s fiscal matters and its approximately $880 million annual budget. As chief financial officer of BSA, she administers the company’s $20 million annual budget.

Biographical Information

After earning a B.A. in business in 1985 from Washington State University (WSU), Davidson began her career at PNNL in the same year as a financial specialist. While working at PNNL, she earned an M.B.A. in 1989, also from WSU. She moved through the ranks at PNNL to become the Laboratory’s Business Development and Analysis Department Manager in 2001, responsible for budgeting, administration, and management reporting for an annual operating budget of $700 million.

In 2004, she became a Senior Analyst, a position that included managing and implementing a plan to improve the effectiveness of PNNL’s business systems. In 2006, she was named PNNL’s Financial Operations Manager, leading a staff of 65 with an annual operating budget of $8.9 million, a position she held until she joined Brookhaven Lab.

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Last Modified: November 2, 2011