Shirley Kendall

Diversity Office Manager

Shirley Kendall is responsible for implementing Brookhaven’s affirmative action program to assure representation of women and minorities in the workforce to the extent that they are available in relevant labor markets. The Lab also undertakes affirmative action for disabled individuals, Vietnam veterans, and disabled veterans. As a federally funded institution, the Laboratory is governed by federal regulations such as affirmative action compliance and equal employment opportunity laws.

Kendall also serves as Coordinator of the Women’s Program Advisory Committee, which is made up of a diverse group of women employees who make recommendations to her on issues that are important and of concern to women. In addition, Kendall provides sexual harassment prevention training for managers and staff, and, in conjunction with the Laboratory’s Human Resources & Occupational Medicine Division, investigates sexual harassment complaints of employees.

Biographical Information

Kendall earned a B.S. in education and mathematics in 1976, and an M.S. in counseling in 1984, both from Oneonta College. In 1982, she became Director of Affirmative Action at Oneonta College, a position she held until 1985, when she joined the State University of New York, Albany, as Associate Director of Affirmative Action. In 1987, she moved on to become Director of Diversity Planning and Compliance for Independent Media Sales & Services in New York City, where she designed management awareness programs for corporate clients. In 1997, she became Diversity Coordinator for the City of Rochester, a position she held until she joined Brookhaven.

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