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2002 Site Environmental Report

The Brookhaven National Laboratory Site Environmental Report for Calendar Year 2002 is organized by chapter, each downloadable in Portable Document Format (PDF).  PDF files may be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat plug-in, available at the Adobe download site.  If you have troubles opening the files, please see this troubleshooting guide for common problems which are easily fixed. 


Executive Summary / Table of Contents
Acknowledgements / Director's Message

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Environmental Management System
Chapter 3 - Compliance Status
Chapter 4 - Air Quality
Chapter 5 - Water Quality
Chapter 6 - Natural & Cultural Resources
Chapter 7 - Groundwater Protection
Chapter 8 - Radiological Dose Assessment
Chapter 9 - Quality Assurance

Appendix A - Glossary
Appendix B - Concepts of Radioactivity
Appendix C - Radiological Data Methodologies
Appendix D - Instrumentation and Analytical Methods
Helpful Information on Units of Measure and Conversions

Summary Booklet (PDF optimized for screen viewing only. For hard copy, contact us.)

We Would like to Hear from You!

The Site Environmental report is an annual summary of Brookhaven National Laboratory's environmental programs and performance. It presents the steps the Laboratory is taking to protect the environment and the public from the possible effects of operations--both past and present--at the site.

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Some questions we are particularly interested in are:

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