Charter, Science and Technology Steering Committee
of the Board of Directors

Charter Revised: November 8, 2006

Composition of the Committee

  • The Committee serves at the pleasure of the Board.
  • The committee consists of two members selected by each Board Institution (16 members), and up to four additional members that may be nominated by the BNL Director to assure broad and diverse programmatic coverage.
  • Members of the STSC serve for three-year terms, which can be renewed as appropriate.
  • Membership turnover should be staggered to assure continuity.
  • The STSC elects its Chair and Deputy Chair for three-year terms.

Committee Meetings

The STSC, in cooperation with the BNL Deputy Director for S&T, determines the frequency of meetings, but no less than twice in each calendar year.

Reporting Structure

  • The Committee reports to the BSA Board. The Committee Chair or Deputy Chair sends a summary report of each Committee meeting to the Chair of the BSA Board. The Chair attends Board meetings at least once per year.
  • The Committee also reports its findings to the Director and Deputy Director for Science & Technology of BNL.
  • The Laboratory point of contact of the Committee is the BNL Deputy Director for Science & Technology.


  • The Committee will advise on candidates for Laboratory Director and Deputy Director for S&T.
  • The Committee provides scientific advice and guidance to the BNL Director and to the Deputy Director for S&T.
  • The Committee oversees the self-assessment of science and technology programs and provides quality assurance.
    • It is provided with overviews of research proposals, projects, progress, and provides formal comments to the Director and cognizant Associate Director(s).
    • It commissions independent visiting committees and peer reviews on a regular basis, and can establish ad hoc study panels in cooperation with the Deputy Director for S&T.
  • The Committee conducts reviews of tenure cases and makes recommendations to the Board.
  • The Committee is advised of termination of employment of tenured scientists and makes a recommendation to the Board.

Staff Liaison
Deputy Director for Science & Technology

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