Brookhaven Science Associates

Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) was established for the sole purpose of managing and operating Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Formed as a 50-50 partnership between Battelle and The Research Foundation of State University of New York (SUNY) on behalf of Stony Brook University (SBU), BSA is the legal entity responsible for leading BNL successfully through the 21st century.  

Both SBU and Battelle are strongly motivated to ensure Brookhaven's success. Being Brookhaven's closest university neighbor, SBU is the single largest user of BNL facilities; BNL facilities and scientific staff are essential to the vitality of the university's intellectual life and to the impact of many of its research programs.

A presence at Brookhaven enables Battelle to continue and advance its founding purpose "science in service to humanity," and to enhance the research partnership between Battelle and Brookhaven in major programs ranging from global climate research to nanoscience.

See the Stony Brook University Office of Brookhaven National Laboratory Affairs.

BSA Board of Directors

BSA is governed by a 16-member Board of Directors: Five appointed by the Research Foundation, five by Battelle, and one each from six of the nation's premier research universities: Columbia , Cornell, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton, and Yale.

The Board is responsible for:

  • Setting overall Laboratory policy and direction (see Science & Technology Steering Committee);
  • Conducting an annual review of overall contract performance;
  • Conducting independent corporate self assessments; and
  • Providing advice and assistance to the Laboratory Director on significant scientific, technical, or management issues.

Ronald TownsendRonald D. Townsend is the current chair of the BSA board.

The BSA Board will be supported by several committees, including the Scientific & Technology Steering Committee, which will commission peer reviews of BNL's programs and scientific facilities, and advise the Board on scientific direction, user facility operation, and management and policy matters that directly affect the Laboratory's science mission. 

Ronald D. Townsend
BSA Board Chair
Executive Vice President, Global Laboratory Operations

Samuel L. Stanley, Jr.
BSA Board Vice Chair
Stony Brook University

Dennis Assanis  
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Stony Brook University

Evelyn Berezin
Management Consultant
Member, Stony Brook Foundation
Board of Trustees

Terry K. Brog
Chief Operating Officer, Energy & Environment
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Richard Gelfond
Chief Executive Officer
IMAX Corp.

Brian Graham
VP-Corporate Treasurer

Erik W. Pearson
Vice President, Strategic Planning, Global Laboratory Operations

James Simons
President and Chief Executive Officer
Euclidean Capital LLC

Thomas Snowberger
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Lee C. Bollinger
Columbia University
Designee: Alfred Mueller
Professor of Physics

David J. Skorton
Cornell University
Designee: Robert Buhrman
Vice Provost for Research

Drew Gilpin Faust
Harvard University
Designee: Cherry Murray
Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Professor of Physics

L. Rafael Reif
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Designee: Robert Redwine
Professor of Physics
Director, Bates Linear Accelerator Center

Shirley M. Tilghman
Princeton University
Designee: A.J. Stewart Smith
Professor, Physics Department
Chair, University Research Board

Richard Levin
Yale University
Designee: Charles Baltay
Eugene Higgins Professor, Physics
Professor, Astronomy



BSA Officers

Suzanne Davidson
Chief Financial Officer, BSA
Assistant Laboratory Director for Finance,
Brookhaven National Laboratory


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