Transmission Electron Microscope

Operated by Brookhaven's Materials Science Department, the 300,000 electron-volt high-resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) was manufactured under Brookhaven's direction by the Japanese Electro-Optical Laboratory of Tokyo. A structure characterization facility that can be used on various materials, TEM produces information that complements both neutron and synchrotron x-ray studies.

The best of its kind in the U.S., TEM can magnify a sample up to 50 million times its size, with a spatial resolution of 0.1 nanometer (nm). It also has many state-of-the-art attachments that provide powerful tools for researchers to study crystal structure, electronic structure, and chemical composition of materials. TEM has an energy filter, an x-ray energy dispersive spectrometer, an electron energy-loss spectrometer, and several digital data recording systems. TEM is also equipped with a holography unit, a scanning attachment with chemical mapping resolution better than 1 nm, and cooling and heating in-situ stages that can heat or cool specimens to temperatures ranging from 15-1300 kelvins (-258 to +1027 degrees Celsius).

Another unique capability of this TEM is its minimum probe size -down to approximately 0.3 nm. This is extremely useful for nano-technology research, which can reveal remarkable amounts of structural information from a sub-nanometer volume.

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Last Modified: November 29, 2004