In Memoriam: Richard D. Baulch, Jr.

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Posted: June 2, 2009

Richard Baulch, Jr., who first joined the Supply & Materiel Division as a warehouseman on October 2, 1961, died at age 69 on December 31, 2008. He had left BNL as a stores clerk on March 1, 1968, then re-joined as a patrolman trainee on October 14, 1968. In April 1982, he was named Police Captain; and he left the Lab on May 22, 1991.


Richard Baulch, 69, of Cape Carteret, N.C., formally of Speonk, N.Y., died on December 24,2008, at Craven Regional Medical Center in New Bern, N.C.

A memorial service was held at St. Mildred Catholic Church in Swansboro, N.C., and his burial, with military honors in memory of his service in the U.S. Air Force, was held at Coastal Carolina State Veterans Cemetery.

Richard started his 30-year employment at Brookhaven National Laboratory on October 2, 1961, in the Supply and Materiel Division. On October 14, 1968, he began working in the Safeguards and Security Division as a Police Officer and on May 22, 1991, he retired as Police Captain. He was a volunteer with the Eastport Fire Department for over 48 years in Eastport, N.Y.; a valued member of St. Mildred Catholic Church involved in many committees for the parish; and he was also a past Grand Knight in the Knights of Columbus.

Survivors include his wife of 50 years, Lillian M. Baulch; sons Richard A. Baulch of Speonk, N.Y., David R. Baulch of Calverton, N.Y., and Jeffery W. Baulch of Concord, N.C.; daughter Janet P. Soper of Manorville, N.Y., three grandchildren: Joshua Baulch and Kaylee and Kyle Soper; and a brother, Douglas Baulch of East Quogue, N.Y.

Memorials may be sent to St. Mildred Catholic Church Building Fund, 616 Sabiston Drive, Swansboro, N.C. 28584.

An interesting Lab story involving P.O. Richard Baulch was reported in the Brookhaven Bulletin of June 6, 1980. It is repeated below.

The Great Chase

Richard BaulchCops — robbers — a wild 45-minute chase — sirens screaming — a shot rings out! A scene from “The French Connection?” No. It all came down at the Laboratory around 1 a.m. on June 4.

Patrol Officer Beeler was on duty at the main gate presiding over the usual calm comings and goings, when, suddenly, two vehicles came barreling down the road and ran the red light into the Lab. As they zoomed past, the man in the second vehicle, a green Toyota, yelled at Beeler, “I’m a cop. Get the police.”

Capt. Doran was at HQ when Beeler’s call came in. He immediately assigned P.O. Rackett to barricade the gate, and for P.O. Baulch to get his patrol vehicle and join him in the pursuit.

The object of the chase was a brown Ford pickup, with a man driving and two standing in the rear. It proved to be an elusive quarry. The two patrol cars and the green Toyota sped all over the site in hot pursuit of the brown Ford. The two men in the rear of the pickup heaved objects at Doran and, at one point, the driver rammed the front of his car. For 45 minutes the wild chase continued, and the peace of the night was shattered by the wailing sirens, the flashing lights and the orders to “stop” blaring forth from the public address system.

The brown Ford screeched into the old dump site off Brookhaven Avenue, past the Recreation Park. Baulch blocked the entrance with his car and got out of the vehicle. As the pickup’s driver realized he was hemmed in, he kept turning the car around and driving directly at Baulch.

Without losing his cool, the patrol officer pulled out his service revolver and fired one shot into the Ford’s left front tire, bringing it to a standstill.

As Doran and Baulch nabbed the driver, the other two men jumped out the back of the truck and fled into the woods. Baulch took off after the fugitives, but was unable to find them. The Suffolk County Police had been notified and they arrived on the scene with five units, an emergency van and a police dog. The continued the search, with the aid of Lab patrol units, until dawn. The dog had picked up the scent of the men from the pickup truck, but lost it when the escapees apparently dropped back onto the paved roads.

The man in the green Toyota was an off-duty police officer who had been assaulted by the trio as he broke up a robbery in Middle Island. He was in pursuit of them when they veered into the Lab. He made the arrest of the man who was caught on site. At this writing, it is understood the other two men have been identified but are still at large.

On behalf of the Lab, a charge of criminal trespassing has been filed against the driver by Capt. Doran, and P.O. Baulch has charged him with reckless endangerment. The brown pickup has been impounded on site and will remain here until disposition of the case.

Both Doran and Baulch say they have had enough excitement for some time, and will be quite happy to return to routine.

Laboratory Security Officer Bob Young said this is the first time that there has been an incident of this kind on site, and that they were indeed proud of the “cool professionalism” exhibited by the Lab police.

P.O. Richard Baulch (second from left) and Capt. Bernard Doran are congratulated by Lab Director George Vineyard (left) for their excellent performance during an unexpected incident on site. Police Supervisor Bernard Brennan (right) said both officers will receive exceptional merit awards. (photo by Doug Humphrey)

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