In Memoriam: George Harris

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Posted: October 2, 2008

George Harris, who joined the Plant Engineering Division as a janitor on January 8, 1962, became a painter in 1966, and a painter A in 1974, died on July 9, 2008. He was 76. He had retired on July 13, 1993.


Rod di Girolamo adds some fond memories of George Harris

George was the first full time painter added to the AGS Experimental Area Operations Group we had assigned full time; 21 riggers, 2 carpenters, 3 electricians, 1 A/C person 2 welders and several Custodians who supported and worked with the approximately 40 Technicians comprising the EAO “Team.” George had a very big smile, and everyone was “brother.” He didn’t know the words “No” or Can’t do it.” The tougher the job, the bigger his smile.

He was an outstanding detailed painter who could paint around stenciled numbers without a drop getting into the number. There are many experimenters who were privileged to have him paint many of their areas and equipment in the Experimental Buildings. He also had a side painting business that I had the pleasure of his expertise when modifying my home.

His smiling face brought smiles to all who knew him.





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