In Memoriam: Edwin "Ed" Losee

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Posted: September 25, 2009

Edwin “Ed” Losee, a senior technical specialist in the National Synchrotron Light Source Department (NSLS), died on August 9, 2009. He was 51.
Losee, who is described by colleagues as outgoing, humorous, innovative, and an extremely hard worker, first came to Brookhaven Lab in 1988 as a computer numeric control operator in the Central Shops Division. In 1995, he became a principal technician in the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron Department, and in 1997, he returned to Central Shops as a tool and instrument maker. He joined the NSLS in 2005 as senior technical specialist.
“He was the workhorse in the shop,” said Losee’s supervisor Bob Scheuerer, an NSLS senior technical project manager. “If he had even 10 minutes of free time, he’d be in my office asking what he could do. He was always the first to offer a helping hand.”
Losee’s coworker, Jim Newburgh, remembers him as an outstanding machinist, always determined to do whatever he could to keep the NSLS rings running and willing to sign up for the “nasty” tasks that others avoided.
“It was always a pleasure to work with him,” Newburgh said. “Whenever he appeared on a job, I knew it was going to go better from there on out.”
In addition, Losee had a great sense of humor, Scheuerer said. “He was so outgoing and friendly,” he said. “And he was always kidding with us. He actually was cracking jokes right before he walked out on his last day here.”
Colleagues also remember him as a dedicated family man who, along with his wife, took care of numerous foster children, many of whom were born with disabilities or to drug-addicted parents. They also had three children of their own.
“It wasn’t easy,” Scheuerer said. “They probably had five or six different foster babies in the house during the last two years. There were many trips to the doctor’s office and many sleepless nights. It’s definitely a sign of the kind of heart he had.”
 Ed Losee, a resident of Mastic Beach, is survived by his wife, Renee, and three children.

Last Modified: September 25, 2009