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Brookhaven Lecture Archive: 1 – 100

1st Brookhaven Lecture
November 16, 1960
Radioastronomy and Communication Through Space
Edward M. Purcell, Physics

2nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 14, 1960
Current Ideas on the Endocrine Regulation of Cellular Processes
Irving Schwartz, Medical

3rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 11, 1961
Inside the Protein Molecule
Werner Hirs, Biology

4th Brookhaven Lecture
February 15, 1961
Nuclear Chemistry Research With the Cosmotron
Gerhart Friedlander, Chemistry

5th Brookhaven Lecture
March 15, 1961
Neutron Physics of and with the High Flux Beam Research Reactor
Herbert Kouts, Nuclear Engineering

6th Brookhaven Lecture
April 12, 1961
High Energy Accelerators
Ernest Courant, Physics

7th Brookhaven Lecture
May 17, 1961
Dislocations in Crystal Lattices
George H. Vineyard, Physics

8th Brookhaven Lecture
June 14, 1961
The History of Cosmic Rays and Meteorites
Oliver A. Schaeffer, Chemistry

9th Brookhaven Lecture
September 27, 1961
The Physics of Semiconductor Radiation Detectors
G. L. Miller, Instrumentation and Health Physics

10th Brookhaven Lecture
October 18, 1961
Theory of the Gene
Milislav Demerec, Biology

11th Brookhaven Lecture
November 15, 1961
Fundamental Particles of Physics
Maurice Goldhaber, Director, BNL

12th Brookhaven Lecture
December 13, 1961
Excessive Salt Intake and Hypertension: A Dietary and Genetic Interplay
Lewis K. Dahl, Medical

13th Brookhaven Lecture
January 17, 1962
Otto Struve, Nat'l. Radio Astronomy Observatory

14th Brookhaven Lecture
February 14, 1962
A Computer Learns to See
Paul Hough, Physics

15th Brookhaven Lecture
March 14, 1962
Wet Electrons - The Radiation Chemistry of Water
A. O. Allen, Chemistry

16th Brookhaven Lecture
April 17, 1962
Fundamental Studies of Radiation in Graphite
Donald G. Schweitzer, Nuclear Engineering

17th Brookhaven Lecture
May 16, 1962
The Role of the Cell Nucleus in Determining Radiosensitivity
Arnold H. Sparrow, Biology

18th Brookhaven Lecture
June 13, 1962
Accelerators of the Future
John P. Blewett, Accelerator
19th Brookhaven Lecture
September 19, 1962
The Renewal of Cells and Molecules - The Fountain of Youth
Walter L. Hughes, Medical

20th Brookhaven Lecture
October 17, 1962
A Neutron's Eye View of Magnetic Materials
Julius M. Hastings, Chemistry

21st Brookhaven Lecture
November 14, 1962
Landscaping the Groves of Academe
R. C. Anderson, Director's Office

22nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 12, 1962
Chemical Communication Systems in the Cell
Henry Quastler, Biology

23rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 9, 1963
Neutrino Physics
Leon M. Lederman, Physics

24th Brookhaven Lecture
February 13, 1963
The Use and Misuse of the Atmosphere
Maynard E. Smith, Instrumentation and Health Physics

25th Brookhaven Lecture
March 6, 1963
The Nucleus Today
Denys Wilkinson, Physics

26th Brookhaven Lecture
April 10, 1963
Trace Metals: Essential or Detrimental To Life
George C. Cotzias, Medical

27th Brookhaven Lecture
May 15, 1963
The Early Days of the Quantized Atom
Samuel A. Goudsmit, Physics

28th Brookhaven Lecture
June 19, 1963
Catalysis in Life and in the Test Tube
Daniel E. Koshland, Jr., Biology

29th Brookhaven Lecture
September 25, 1963
Collisions of "Elementary" Particles with Protons at High Energies
Seymour J. Lindenbaum, Physics

30th Brookhaven Lecture
October 16, 1963
Chemistry of Isotopes
Jacob Bigeleisen, Chemistry

31st Brookhaven Lecture
November 13, 1963
The Nuclear Reactor Comes of Age
Jack Chernick, Nuclear Engineering

32nd Brookhaven Lecture
January 15, 1964
Radio Galaxies
David Heeschen , National Radio Astronomy Observatory

33rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 12, 1964
The Impact of Isotopic Tracers on Physiological Concepts
James R. Robertson, Medical

34th Brookhaven Lecture
March 18, 1964
The Biology of Aging
Howard J. Curtis

35th Brookhaven Lecture
April 15, 1964
The Problem of Development
Ernst W. Caspari, University of Rochester

36th Brookhaven Lecture
May 6, 1964
Bubble Chambers: Instruments for High Energy Physics Experiments
William B. Fowler, Physics

37th Brookhaven Lecture
May 20, 1964
Bubble Chamber Experiments - Alpha to Omega Minus
Nicholas P. Samios, Physics

38th Brookhaven Lecture
June 17, 1964
"Hot Atoms" and Their Reaction with Organic Compounds
Alfred P. Wolf, Chemistry

39th Brookhaven Lecture
September 23, 1964
Chemical-Biochemical Signal and Noise - Resolution at Low Temperature
Simon Freed, Chemistry

40th Brookhaven Lecture
October 14,1964
Oriented Nuclei
Vance L. Sailor, Physics

41st Brookhaven Lecture
November 18, 1964
The Gases of the Blood
Donald V. Van Slyke, Medical

42nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 9, 1964
Mechanism of the Immune Response
Marian Elliot Koshland, Biology

43rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 20, 1965
The Ordered-Bed Breeder Reactor
Warren E. Winsche, Nuclear Engineering

44th Brookhaven Lecture
February 24, 1965
Talking to Computers
John E. Denes, Applied Mathematics

45th Brookhaven Lecture
March 24, 1965
Radiation and the Patterns of Nature
George Woodwell, Biology

46th Brookhaven Lecture
April 21, 1965
Passage of Charged Particles Through Crystal Lattices
Cavid Erginsoy, Physics

47th Brookhaven Lecture
May 12, 1965
Chemical Crystallography
Walter C. Hamilton, Chemistry

48th Brookhaven Lecture
June 23, 1965
Extracorporeal Irradiation of the Blood and Lymph in the Study of Normal and Leukemic Cell Proliferation
Eugene P. Cronkite, Medical

49th Brookhaven Lecture
September 29, 1965
Neutrons as Magnetic Probes
Robert Nathans, Physics

50th Brookhaven Lecture
October 13, 1965
Symmetry Principles in Physics
C. N. Yang, Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton

51st Brookhaven Lecture
November 17, 1965
Defects in Crystals
G. J. Denes, Physics

52nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 15, 1965
Genetic Tobacco Tumors and the Problem of Differentiation
H. H. Smith, Biology

53rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 19, 1966
Nuclear Methods in Art and Archaeology
Edward V. Sayre, Chemistry
54th Brookhaven Lecture
February 16, 1966
Molecular Storage of Biological Information
Leonard D. Hamilton, Medical

55th Brookhaven Lecture
March 30, 1966
Early History of Associated Universities and Brookhaven National Laboratory
Norman F. Ramsey, Harvard University

56th Brookhaven Lecture
April 20, 1966
Gamma Rays for Fun and Profit
Bernard Manowitz, Nuclear Engineering

57th Brookhaven Lecture
May 18, 1966
Health Physics Problems of High Energy Accelerators
F. P. Cowan, Instrumentation and Health Physics

58th Brookhaven Lecture
June 29, 1966
Some Mechanisms of Meson Creation
Edward O. Salant, Physics

59th Brookhaven Lecture
September 28, 1966
The Dynamic Structure of Liquids
Arthur Peskin, Nuclear Engineering

60th Brookhaven Lecture
October 19, 1966
The Hunting of the Quark - The Fundamental Nuclear Particle?
Robert K. Adair, Accelerator

61st Brookhaven Lecture
November 22, 1966
Ion-Molecule Collision Processes
Lewis Friedman, Chemistry

62nd Brookhaven Lecture
January 11, 1967
Energy Conversion in Photosynthesis
John M. Olson, Biology

63rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 8, 1967
The Cellular Basis of Acute Radiation Death in the Mammal
Victor P. Bond, Medical

64th Brookhaven Lecture
March 8, 1967
The Rise and Stability of the Earth's Atmosphere
Lloyd V. Berkner, Southwest Center for Advanced Studies
and Lauriston C. Marshall, Southern Illinois University

65th Brookhaven Lecture
April 5, 1967
The Nature of the Lunar Surface
Thomas Gold, Cornell University

66th Brookhaven Lecture
May 24, 1967
Looking at Matter With Particles
Harry Palevsky, Physics

67th Brookhaven Lecture
June 21, 1967
The Mechanisms of Oxidation-Reduction Reactions in Solution
Norman Sutin, Chemistry

68th Brookhaven Lecture
September 20, 1967
Information Theory and Biology: A Critique and Resynthesis
Horton A. Johnson, Medical

69th Brookhaven Lecture
October 18, 1967
The AGS Conversion Project
G. W. Wheeler, Accelerator

70th Brookhaven Lecture
November 15, 1967
Radiation and Organic Liquids
Donald J. Metz, Nuclear Engineering

71st Brookhaven Lecture
January 17, 1968
Tampering With Heredity: The Genetic Transformation of Bacteria by DNA
Sanford Lacks, Biology

72nd Brookhaven Lecture
February 28, 1968
The Atomic Electrons and Nuclear Transition: Some Interrelationships
Morris L. Perlman, Chemistry

73rd Brookhaven Lecture
March 20, 1968
The Search for Solar Neutrinos
Raymond Davis, Chemistry

74th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1, 1968
Superconducting Magnets
William B. Sampson, Accelerator

75th Brookhaven Lecture
May 29, 1968
The Molecular Basis of Enzyme Action: Current Views
Elliott N. Shaw, Biology

76th Brookhaven Lecture
July 10, 1968
Interatomic Forces in Chemical Reactions
Ralph E. Weston, Jr., Chemistry

77th Brookhaven Lecture
October 23, 1968
The Small Distance Frontier
George B. Collins, Physics

78th Brookhaven Lecture
November 13, 1968
Bile Pigments in Plants
H. W. Siegelman, Biology

79th Brookhaven Lecture
December 4, 1968
Parkinson's Disease: Relationships to Miners, Metals and Madness
George C. Cotzias, Medical

80th Brookhaven Lecture
January 22, 1969
2 to 20,000 GeV - Possible Vector Exchange?
Lyle W. Smith, Accelerator

81st Brookhaven Lecture
February 19, 1969
Accurate, Long-Range Extrapolation - The Pade Approximant
George A. Baker, Jr., Applied Mathematics

82nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 12, 1969
Modern Alchemy With Accelerators
James B. Cumming, Chemistry

83rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 9, 1969
What is an Elementary Particle?
Ronald F. Peierls, Physics

84th Brookhaven Lecture
May 14, 1969
Marked Money in the Carbohydrate-Fat Economy
Walton W. Shreeve, Medical

85th Brookhaven Lecture
June 11, 1969
Limiting the Nuclear Club
Herbert Kouts, Applied Science

86th Brookhaven Lecture
September 24, 1969
The Slow External Beam at the Brookhaven AGS
Mark Q. Barton, Accelerator

87th Brookhaven Lecture
October 22, 1969
Noise in Physical Measurements
Veljko Radeka, Instrumentation and Health Physics

88th Brookhaven Lecture
December 3, 1969
A Microscopic View of Phase Transitions
Martin Blume, Physics

89th Brookhaven Lecture
January 21, 1970
Microtubules: Organelles of the Cytoplasm Revealed by Electron Microscopy
Myron C. Ledbetter, Biology

90th Brookhaven Lecture
February 18, 1970
The Nucleus as a Spinning Top
Victor W. Cohen, Physics

91st Brookhaven Lecture
March 18, 1970
Do Radicals Control Our Lives? Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine
Donald C. Borg, Medical

92nd Brookhaven Lecture
April 28, 1970
Visit to a Small Virus
F. W. Studier, Biology

93rd Brookhaven Lecture
May 20, 1970
Exploiting the Parent-Daughter Relationship
Louis G. Stang, Jr., Applied Science

94th Brookhaven Lecture
June 17, 1970
Pulse Radiolysis
Harold A. Schwartz, Chemistry

95th Brookhaven Lecture
September 23, 1970
Pathways of an Artifical Element in the Body
Harold A. Atkins, Medical

96th Brookhaven Lecture
October 21, 1970
Remembering as Humans Do: The Impact of Associative Computer Memories
Arnold M. Peskin, Applied Mathematics

97th Brookhaven Lecture
December 9, 1970
The New 30-MeV, Three-Stage Tandem Facility
Harvey E. Wegner, Physics

98th Brookhaven Lecture
January 14,1971
A Radio View of the Universe
Morton Roberts, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

99th Brookhaven Lecture
February 17, 1971
What Will the Neutron Do Next? Systematics of Neutron Reactions
Sol Pearlstein, Applied Science

100th Brookhaven Lecture
March 17, 1971
Collective Motions in Atomic Nuclei
Gertrude Scharff-Goldhaber, Physics