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Brookhaven Lecture Archive: 101 – 200

101st Brookhaven Lecture
April 21, 1971
Science and the Federal Government
Leland J. Haworth, Special Consultant to the Director

102nd Brookhaven Lecture
May 19, 1971
Meristematic Mystique or the Mysteries of Mitosis
Jack Van't Hof, Biology

103rd Brookhaven Lecture
June 23, 1971
Nuclear Methods in the Service of Archaeology: Brookhaven Studies in Ancient Mesoamerica
Garman Harbottle, Chemistry

104th Brookhaven Lecture
September 15, 1971
Defending the Environment - A Case History, BNL 50309
Dennis Puleston, Environmental Defense Fund

105th Brookhaven Lecture
October 6, 1971
Concrete-Polymer Materials Development, A Goal Oriented Program, BNL 50313
Meyer Steinberg, Applied Science

106th Brookhaven Lecture
November 10, 1971
The Triple Helix
Edwin A. Popenoe, Medical

107th Brookhaven Lecture
January 19, 1972
Innovation, Invention, and Patents, BNL 50392
Daniel M. Schaeffer, Technical Information Division.

108th Brookhaven Lecture
February 16, 1972
Model Systems for Iron Sulphur Proteins
Ivan Bernal, Chemistry

109th Brookhaven Lecture
March 15, 1972
Calcium Homeostasis - The Hard Facts About Soft Bones, BNL 50345
Stanton Cohn, Medical

110th Brookhaven Lecture
April 19, 1972
ISABELLE - A Crossroad for Physics
Fred Mills, Accelerator

111th Brookhaven Lecture
May 24, 1972
Computer Simulation of Electrochemical Phenomena
Stephen W. Feldberg, Applied Science

112th Brookhaven Lecture
June 21, 1972
After Twenty-Five Years - The AUI Concept and Changing National R&D Objectives
Gerald F. Tape, President, AUI

113th Brookhaven Lecture
September 27, 1972
Cosmology and Observation
Sebastian von Hoerner, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

114th Brookhaven Lecture
October 25, 1972
Warm Watts and Cool Currents - Power Transmission by Superconducting Cable
Eric B. Forsyth, Accelerator

115th Brookhaven Lecture
December 13, 1972
The Search for Superheavy Elements
Augustus Prince, Applied Science

116th Brookhaven Lecture
January 10, 1973
Conformation of Neurohypohyseal Hormones in Relation to Their Biology
Roderich Walter and Irving Schwartz, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

117th Brookhaven Lecture
February 21, 1973
The Brookhaven 200 MeV Proton Injector
Kenneth Batchelor, Accelerator

118th Brookhaven Lecture
April 16, 1973
Development of Radiation Protection Standards
Charles B. Meinhold, Health Physics and Safety

119th Brookhaven Lecture
June 20, 1973
Chemicals, Cancer, Hormones, Tumors, Radiation, and Rats
Clair J. Shellabarger, Medical

120th Brookhaven Lecture
October 10, 1973
Higher Plants as Microorganisms
Peter S. Carlson, Biology

121st Brookhaven Lecture
A Microscopic Picture of Chemical Kinetics in the Gas Phase
James Muckerman, Chemistry

122nd Brookhaven Lecture
The 8° Superconducting Magnet on the AGS Primary Beam
Gordon Danby, Accelerator

123rd Brookhaven Lecture
September 1974
Structure-Activity Correlations in Peptide Hormones: Ancestries Traced and Fortunes Read
John Glass, Medical

124th Brookhaven Lecture
January 1975
Smoke Over Tiana Beach; Plume Studies over Land and Sea
Paul Michael, Applied Science

125th Brookhaven Lecture
February 1975
Evaluation of Risk in Power Reactors
Cesar Sastre, Applied Science

126th Brookhaven Lecture
April 1975
Coastal Shelf Oceanography Program at Brookhaven
Bernard Manowitz, Applied Science

127th Brookhaven Lecture
April 1975
From Basic Research to Skin Cancer and SSTs in Three Easy Steps
Richard Setlow, Biology

128th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1975
Energy Options
Phil Palmedo, Applied Science

129th Brookhaven Lecture
June 1975
Where do the Neutrons Go?
Walter Kane, Physics

130th Brookhaven Lecture
October 1975
Galaxies, Quasars and Cosmology
David Heeschen, NRAO

131st Brookhaven Lecture
December 1975
Neutron Scattering Analysis of Biological Systems
Benno Schoenborn, Biology

132nd Brookhaven Lecture
January 23, 1976
The Brookhaven Solar Neutrino Experiments: Past, Present and Future
Ray Davis, Chemistry

133rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 25, 1976
Molecular Order, Anarchy and Revolution; Neutron Scattering Studies of Structural Instabilities in Solids
John D. Axe, Jr.

134th Brookhaven Lecture
March 1976
Hard Core Porophynography - Biological Role of Porphyrin Radicals
Jack Fajer, Applied Science

135th Brookhaven Lecture
April 1976
Gene Swapping
Jane K. Setlow, Biology

136th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1976
Neutrinos: Charm and Sex
Robert Palmer, Physics

137th Brookhaven Lecture
June 1976
Twenty-Two Years After Fallout - Marshall Island Medical Surveys
Robert A. Conard, Medical

138th Brookhaven Lecture
September 1976
Nuclear Material Safeguards
William A. Higinbotham, Applied Science

139th Brookhaven Lecture
September 1976
Let's Talk About Magnification (A special lecture for young people)
John J. Kelsch, Instrumentation

140th Brookhaven Lecture
October 1976
Prospects for Fusion Power
James R. Powell, Applied Science

141st Brookhaven Lecture
December 1976
Power vs. People - Cutting the Human Costs
Leonard D. Hamilton, Medical & Applied Science

142nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 1976
Solar Energy: A Review of the Current Technology
James G. Cottingham, Accelerator

143rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 1977
Interaction of Particles with Antiparticles and the Problem of Nuclear Forces
Carl B. Dover, Physics

144th Brookhaven Lecture
February 1977
Kindling the Fusion Reactor
Alfred W. Maschke, Accelerator

145th Brookhaven Lecture
March 1977
Whither Energy: Future Shock or a Greening?
Kenneth C. Hoffman, Applied Science

146th Brookhaven Lecture
April 1977
Energy Choices for the Future
Mark K. Goldstein, Applied Science

147th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1977
ISABELLE - A New High Energy Physics Facility for Brookhaven
James R. Sanford, Director's Office

148th Brookhaven Lecture
June 1977
Radiopharmaceutical Research
Alfred P. Wolf, Chemistry

149th Brookhaven Lecture
September 1977
On the Theory of Things, or, Does Science Have Anything to Say to Society?
R. Christian Anderson, Director's Office

150th Brookhaven Lecture
October 1977
Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems
Maxwell M. Small, Energy & Environment

151st Brookhaven Lecture
November 1977
Biological Traffic Signals
John J. Dunn, Biology

152nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 1977
The Sulfur You Breathe
Leonard Newman, Energy & Environment

153rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 1978
Energy and the Environment - Missions Possible
Kenneth C. Hoffman, Energy & Environment

154th Brookhaven Lecture
February 1978
Heavy Ions and Rabbits - The Search for New Isotopes
David E. Alburger, Physics

155th Brookhaven Lecture
March 1978
Heavy, Heavy (Water) Hangs over thy Head? (Tritium - a Hazard in the Environment?)
Arland Carsten, Medical

156th Brookhaven Lecture
March 1978
Plans and Programs of the Nuclear Energy
Herbert J. Kouts, Nuclear Energy

157th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1978
The Multiparticle Spectrometer - Computerized Viewing of High Energy Particles
Seymour J. Lindenbaum, Physics

158th Brookhaven Lecture
May 1978
Tagging and Tracing Breezes and Bombs
Russel N. Dietz, Energy & Environment

159th Brookhaven Lecture
June 1978
Synchrotron Radiation and What You Can Do With It
Martin Blume, Physics

160th Brookhaven Lecture
November 1, 1978
Human Viruses in the Long Island Environment or Whither Sewage
James M. Vaughn, Energy & Environment

161st Brookhaven Lecture
November 29, 1978
The Janus-faced Superoxide Radical
Benon H. J. Bielski, Chemistry

162nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 13, 1978
Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about - ISABELLE - But Were Afraid to Ask
Melvin Month, Accelerator

163rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 28, 1979
Counting Atoms - Weighing Molecules
Joseph S. Wall, Biology

164th Brookhaven Lecture
March 21, 1979
Testing of Airborne Contaminants - Do They Produce Lung Cancer?
Robert T. Drew, Medical

165th Brookhaven Lecture
April 25, 1979
Sailing the Coastal Shelf from Tiana Beach to the Bering Sea
John J. Walsh, Energy & Environment

166th Brookhaven Lecture
June 27, 1979
Acid Rain - Causes and Effects
George R. Hendrey, Energy & Environment

167th Brookhaven Lecture
September 26, 1979
Three Mile Island as Seen from the Mainland - An Environmental Perspective
Andrew Hull, Safety & Environmental Protection Division

168th Brookhaven Lecture
October 24, 1979
Studying Skin Cancer in a Test Tube
Betsy Sutherland, Biology

169th Brookhaven Lecture
November 14, 1979
Energy Future: A Prime for Secondary School Teachers
Donald J. Metz, Energy & Environment

170th Brookhaven Lecture
January 23, 1980
Lessons Learned from Three Mile Island
Walter Kato, Nuclear Energy

171st Brookhaven Lecture
February 20, 1980
Toward 1984 - Computerized Data Bases
Kurt Fuchel, Applied Math.

172nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 19, 1980
How Will the Northeast Survive the Next Oil Embargo?
Peter M. Meier, Energy & Environment

173rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 23, 1980
Estimating Genetic Effects of Radiation
Michael Bender, Medical

174th Brookhaven Lecture
May 21, 1980
Random Notes on Science and Technology in China - Past and Present
R. Ronald Rau, Director's Office

175th Brookhaven Lecture
June 18, 1980
Breaking Away
Vance Sailor, Energy & Environment

176th Brookhaven Lecture
September 17, 1980
Oceanography and Anchovies
Sharon L. Smith, Energy & Environment

177th Brookhaven Lecture
October 15, 1980
Reminiscing on Accelerators
John P. Blewett, Accelerator

178th Brookhaven Lecture
November 19, 1980
National Laboratories in Support of International Safeguards
Leon Green, Nuclear Energy

179th Brookhaven Lecture
December 17, 1980
Shedding Light on Chemistry with Lasers
Ralph E. Weston, Chemistry

180th Brookhaven Lecture
January 21, 1981
Position Sensitive Radiation Detectors - Scientist's Eye into Nature
Veljko Radeka, Instrumentation

181st Brookhaven Lecture
February 18, 1981
Worreywort, Spiderwort or Tradescantia
Lloyd Schairer, Biology

182nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 18, 1981
Taking a Chance on Life
Samuel Morris, Energy & Environment

183rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 29, 1981
Metal Hydrides and Hydrogen Storage
James Reilly, Energy & Environment

184th Brookhaven Lecture
May 13, 1981
Roulette Wheels and Quark Confinement
Michael Creutz, Physics

185th Brookhaven Lecture
June 10, 1981
Nuclear Medicine - Update 1981
A. Bertrand Brill, Medical

186th Brookhaven Lecture
December 9, 1981
The Particle Beam Weapons Controversy
Mark Barton, Accelerator

187th Brookhaven Lecture
January 20, 1982
Between Wind and Wave: Meteorology at the Interface
S. SethuRaman, Energy & Environment

188th Brookhaven Lecture
February 10, 1982
Radioactive Waste Isolation: A New Challenge for Science
M. Sue Davis, Energy & Environment

189th Brookhaven Lecture
March 17, 1982
Searching for Neutrino Oscillations
Michael Murtagh, Physics

190th Brookhaven Lecture
April 14, 1982
What Does Theory Do for Chemistry These Days?
Marshall D. Newton, Chemistry

191st Brookhaven Lecture
June 9, 1982
Molecules on the Move
Marshall Elzinga, Biology

192nd Brookhaven Lecture
October 6, 1982
Can Hindsight Plus Research Improve Foresight?
John Weeks, Nuclear Energy

193rd Brookhaven Lecture
October 27, 1982
Spin Glasses: A Physicist's Frustration
Stephen Shapiro, Physics

194th Brookhaven Lecture
November 10, 1982
Adenoviruses: Spies that Came from a Cold
Carl Anderson, Biology

195th Brookhaven Lecture
December 8, 1982
Experiments with Strange Nuclei
Robert Chrien, Physics

196th Brookhaven Lecture
January 26, 1983
Both Sides Now -- The Chemistry of Clouds
Stephen Schwartz, Energy & Environment

197th Brookhaven Lecture
February 23, 1983
Frontiers in Particle Physics
Ling-Lie Chau, Physics

198th Brookhaven Lecture
March 16, 1983
The Frobisher Voyages, and the Turin Shroud
Garman Harbottle, Chemistry

199th Brookhaven Lecture
April 20, 1983
Cancer Radiotherapy: In Pursuit of a Magic Bullet
Ralph Fairchild, Medical

200th Brookhaven Lecture
May 18, 1983
The Question of Proton Stability
Maurice Goldhaber, Physics