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Brookhaven Lecture Archive: 201 – 300

201st Brookhaven Lecture
June 22, 1983
Environmental Impact Assessment: Theories and Applications
Frederick Lipfert, Applied Science

202nd Brookhaven Lecture
November 16, 1983
The Bering Sea: From Probes to Ishtar
Terry Whitledge, Energy & Environment

203rd Brookhaven Lecture
February 8, 1984
How Do You Know What a Reactor Will Do?
Melvin Levine, Nuclear Energy

204th Brookhaven Lecture
March 21, 1984
The Computer Connection
Graham Campbell, Applied Math

205th Brookhaven Lecture
May 16, 1984
Crown Gall: A System for Genetic Engineering in Plants
Daniela Sciaky, Biology

206th Brookhaven Lecture
June 20, 1984
Identifying Genotoxic Hazards to Humans
Ray Tice, Medical

207th Brookhaven Lecture
September 19, 1984
A Tale of Two Bosons
William Marciano, Physics

208th Brookhaven Lecture
October 17, 1984
Fuel Cells: The Promise and the Problems
James McBreen, Applied Science

209th Brookhaven Lecture
November 14, 1984
The Geometry of Chaos
H. Bruce Stewart, Applied Math

210th Brookhaven Lecture
December 12, 1984
Nuclear Power Plants: The Next Generation
James G. Guppy, Nuclear Energy

211th Brookhaven Lecture
January 16, 1985
Using the Light Fantastic
Gwyn Williams, NSLS

212th Brookhaven Lecture
February 20, 1985
Spinning Tops and Protons
Yousef Makdisi, Accelerator

213th Brookhaven Lecture
March 20, 1985
Why Grasse is Greene, or Why Our Blood is Red
Louise Hanson, Applied Science

214th Brookhaven Lecture
April 24, 1985
The Quest for Quark Matter
Thomas Ludlam, Physics

215th Brookhaven Lecture
May 29, 1985
Photosynthetic Cycles and Plant Productivty
Geoffrey Hind, Biology

216th Brookhaven Lecture
June 12, 1985
Regulation of Production of the Hungry Granulocyte - Friend and Foe
Eugene Cronkite, Medical

217th Brookhaven Lecture
October 2, 1985
How to Predict Your Future From Someone Else's Past
Herbert Robbins, Applied Math.

218th Brookhaven Lecture
October 23, 1985
Bubbles and Bosons - A Romp Through Memory Lane
Robert Palmer, Director's Office

219th Brookhaven Lecture
November 13, 1985
Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Robert Bari, Nuclear Energy

220th Brookhaven Lecture
December 18, 1985
The SSC and BNL's Role In It
Paul Reardon, Director's Office

221st Brookhaven Lecture
January 22, 1986
Preventing the Toxicity of Cyclic Peptides of Blue-Green Algae and Mushrooms
Bill Adams, Medical

222nd Brookhaven Lecture
February 19, 1986
Semi-Conductor Detectors Revisited
Hobie Kraner, Instrumentation

223rd Brookhaven Lecture
March 19, 1986
Life and Death on the Continental Shelf
Gil Rowe, Applied Science

224th Brookhaven Lecture
April 9, 1986
Neutrons, Electrons and the Tie That Binds
Hywel White, Physics

225th Brookhaven Lecture
May 21, 1986
What Can Neutrons Tell Us About Molecular Structure?
Thomas Koetzle, Chemistry

226th Brookhaven Lecture
June 18, 1986
Bacterial Weapons: Tools of Biotechnology
Sanford Lacks, Biology

227th Brookhaven Lecture
September 24, 1986
The Chernobyl Accident
Herbert Kouts, Nuclear Energy

228th Brookhaven Lecture
October 23, 1986
How We Caught Quarks by the Tail
Michael J. Tannenbaum, Physics

229th Brookhaven Lecture
November 19, 1986
The Role of Destructive Enzymes in Heart Attack and Cancer
Walter Mangel, Biology

230th Brookhaven Lecture
December 17, 1986
Tapping the Earth's Geothermal Resources - Hydrothermal Today, Magma Tomorrow
Lawrence Kukacka, Applied Science

231st Brookhaven Lecture
January 21, 1987
SDI at Brookhaven - The Neutral Particle Beam Program
Pierre Grand, Nuclear Energy

232nd Brookhaven Lecture
February 18, 1987
The State of the Art (and Science) of Blood-Cell Labeling
Srivastava, Medical

233rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 22, 1987
Chemical Surface Bonds - Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Michael Knotek

234th Brookhaven Lecture
May 20, 1987
Relativistic Jets and the Most Powerful Radio Sources in the Universe
Alan Bridle, Nat'l. Radio Astronomy Observatory

235th Brookhaven Lecture
June 17, 1987
'Follow that Quark!' And Other Exclusive Stories
Alan Carroll, Accelerator

236th Brookhaven Lecture
September 16, 1987
The Early History of AUI and BNL
Norman Ramsey, Harvard University

237th Brookhaven Lecture
October 14, 1987
The Cosmotron, BNL 52107
John Blewett, Director's Office

238th Brookhaven Lecture
November 18, 1987
Landmarks in Particle Physics at Brookhaven
Robert Adair, Director's Office

239th Brookhaven Lecture
December 16, 1987
Biomedical Research at Brookhaven and Rockefeller Hospital - Our Common Heritage
Vincent Dole, Rockefeller Univ.

240th Brookhaven Lecture
January 20, 1988
Promises and Challenges: A Metallurgist's View of High Temperature Superconductors
Masaki Suenaga, Applied Science

241st Brookhaven Lecture
February 17, 1988
When Stars Explode: Supernova 1987a
Jerry Cooperstein, Physics

242nd Brookhaven Lecture
March 16, 1988
Experimental Modeling of Severe Nuclear Reactor Accident Phenomena, BNL 52140
Ted Ginsberg, Nuclear Energy

243rd Brookhaven Lecture
April 27, 1988
Modern Views of Molecules by Multiphoton Spectroscopy
Michael White, Chemistry

244th Brookhaven Lecture
May 18, 1988
Labeling Molecules for Biology and Medicine with STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope)
Jim Hainfeld, Biology

245th Brookhaven Lecture
September 28, 1988
International Safeguards - Accounting for Nuclear Materials
Les Fishbone, Nuclear Energy

246th Brookhaven Lecture
October 26, 1988
High Temperature Superconductors: The Current Prospects
Dave Welch, Applied Science

247th Brookhaven Lecture
November 16, 1988
Working Against Time: Using PET to Probe Human Biochemistry
Joanna S. Fowler, Chemistry

248th Brookhaven Lecture
December 14, 1988
How DNA is Packaged in the Cell
Venki Ramakrishnan, Biology

249th Brookhaven Lecture
January 25, 1989
Groundwater: Protecting the Unseen Resource
Jan Naidu, Safety & Environmental Protection

250th Brookhaven Lecture
February 15, 1989
Metrology of X-ray Optics: Journey to Incredible Precision
Peter Takacs, Instrumentation

251st Brookhaven Lecture
March 22, 1989
Rare K Decays: Searching for One in a Billion
William Morse, Physics

252nd Brookhaven Lecture
May 24, 1989
Electronic Structure Since Dirac
Jim Davenport, Physics

253rd Brookhaven Lecture
July 19, 1989
Compact Light Sources for Super-Dense Chips
Richard Heese, NSLS

254th Brookhaven Lecture
September 21, 1989
Boron Neutron Capture Therapy of Brain Tumors
Daniel Slatkin, Medical

255th Brookhaven Lecture
October 11, 1989
Does Photosynthesis in the Ocean Regulate Global Climate?
Paul Falkowski, Applied Science

256th Brookhaven Lecture
November 15, 1989
The Fifth Force - is it still with us?
Samuel Aronson, Physics

257th Brookhaven Lecture
December 13, 1989
Ozone Depletion and Melanoma: A Fish Story
Richard Setlow, Biology

258th Brookhaven Lecture
January 17, 1990
Frontiers of X-ray Scattering
Jerome B. Hastings, NSLS

259th Brookhaven Lecture
February 27, 1990
Seismic Studies of Reactor Components
Charles Hofmayer, Nuclear Energy

260th Brookhaven Lecture
April 17, 1990
Chemical Dynamics Using Lasers
Trevor Sears, Chemistry

261st Brookhaven Lecture
May 16, 1990
From Anthracite to Zeolite - Elemental Analysis using Photon and Ion Beams
Keith Jones, Applied Science

262nd Brookhaven Lecture
June 20, 1990
Micromechanics: Great Expectations, Scientific Realities
John Warren, Instrumentation

263rd Brookhaven Lecture
October 17, 1990
Tailoring Surface Properties - An Interface Between Physics and Chemistry
Myron Strongin, Physics

264th Brookhaven Lecture
November 14, 1990
A Scintillating Search for A Rare Kaon Decay
John Haggerty, Physics

265th Brookhaven Lecture
December 12, 1990
Containing Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants
Trevor Pratt, Nuclear Engineering

266th Brookhaven Lecture
January 16, 1991
Hunting for Elusive Solar Neutrinos
Richard Hahn, Chemistry

267th Brookhaven Lecture
February 20, 1991
Functional Imaging of the Brain, Heart, Lungs and Skeleton - What to Expect from SPECT
David Weber, Medical

268th Brookhaven Lecture
March 20, 1991
Coronary Angiography at the National Synchrotron Light Source
William Thomlinson, NSLS

269th Brookhaven Lecture
April 17, 1991
Making Protein Structure Crystal Clear
Robert Sweet, Biology

270th Brookhaven Lecture
May 15, 1991
Global Climate Change: Uncertainties and Policy Implications
Bernard Manowitz, Applied Science

271st Brookhaven Lecture
June 12, 1991
X-ray Imaging with Today's Gas Proportional Detectors
Graham Smith, Instrumentation

272nd Brookhaven Lecture
September 11, 1991
Reducing Bone Pain In Cancer Patients Using Radioactive Tin
Leonard Mausner, Medical

273rd Brookhaven Lecture
October 24, 1991
Biotechnology Without Genetic Engineering: The Use of Microbial Processes
Gene Premuzic, Applied Science

274th Brookhaven Lecture
November 13, 1991
The Magnetism Of Surfaces
Peter Johnson, Physics

275th Brookhaven Lecture
December 18, 1991
Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics: A New Frontier
Peter Bond, Physics

276th Brookhaven Lecture
March 18, 1992
From The Films To Deep Oceans - Reactor Cooling To Global Warming
Romney B. Duffey, Nuclear Energy

277th Brookhaven Lecture
April 16, 1992
The AGS Booster: On The Way To RHIC
W.T. (Bill) Weng, Accelerator Division Head

278th Brookhaven Lecture
May 27, 1992
Lasers In Accelerators: Lighting The Way To The Next Generation
Triveni Srinivasan-Rao, Instrumentation

279th Brookhaven Lecture
June 17, 1992
Technologies For Arms Control Verification
Joseph Indusi, Nuclear Energy

280th Brookhaven Lecture
September 16, 1992
Lyme Disease - A Macro Look At A Micro Cause
John Dunn, Biology

281st Brookhaven Lecture
October 22, 1992
Realistic Risk Assessment For Remediation at DOE
Leonard D. Hamilton, Applied Science

282nd Brookhaven Lecture
November 18, 1992
The Turquoise Trail Before Columbus
Garman Harbottle, Chemistry

283rd Brookhaven Lecture
December 16, 1992
At The Edge Of Chaos: Self-Organized Criticality And Catastrophes
Per Bak, Physics

284th Brookhaven Lecture
February 10, 1993
The Particle Bed Reactor: Nuclear Rockets And Beyond
James Powell, Nuclear Energy

285th Brookhaven Lecture
March 10, 1993
Towards A Brighter NSLS
Sam Krinsky, NSLS

286th Brookhaven Lecture
April 21, 1993
The Search For The Lost Quark - The D-Zero Experiment
Howard Gordon, Physics

287th Brookhaven Lecture
May 12, 1993
From Isabelle To The SSC - The Mysteries Of Superconducting Magnets
Robert Palmer, Center For Accelerator Physics

288th Brookhaven Lecture
June 16, 1993
Making Tritium Using Accelerators
Greg Van Tuyle, Nuclear Energy

289th Brookhaven Lecture
September 14, 1993
Using PET to Investigate Pathways in the Brain
Stephen Dewey, Chemistry

290th Brookhaven Lecture
October 13, 1993
History of the Laboratory, Part I: The Early Years
Robert P. Crease, Jr., Director’s Office

291st Brookhaven Lecture
November 17, 1993
Face in the Forest: Manipulating Intact Ecosystems
George Hendrey, Applied Science

292nd Brookhaven Lecture
December 15, 1993
Neutron Studies of Layering & Melting
John Larese, Chemistry

293rd Brookhaven Lecture
January 12, 1994
Measuring Muons Magnetically: The g-2 Experiment at BNL
Gerry M. Bunce, AGS

294th Brookhaven Lecture
February 23, 1994
Helping to Contain the Bomb
Ann Reisman, Applied Technology

295th Brookhaven Lecture
March 16, 1994
Chips off an Old Block: Custom-Integrated Circuits for Science
Paul O'Connor, Instrumentation

296th Brookhaven Lecture
May 18, 1994
Boron Neutron Capture Therapy: Encouraging Results for Brain Cancer Treatment
Jeffrey Coderre, Medical

297th Brookhaven Lecture
June 15, 1994
Detecting the Oceans’ Uptake of Fossil Fuel CO2
Douglas Wallace, Applied Science

298th Brookhaven Lecture
Oct. 4, 1994
Safety of Next-Generation Reactors
Upendra Rohatgi, Applied Technology

299th Brookhaven Lecture
Oct. 18, 1994
Laboratory History, Part II - The Haworth Years
Robert Crease, Director’s Office

300th Brookhaven Lecture
Nov. 2, 1994
Universal Properties of Fundamental Particles
Maurice Goldhaber, Director’s Office