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Issued 8/25/95


Upton, NY -- Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is contributing manpower and machinery to fight Long Island's wildfires and has offered its site and supplies to those coordinating the firefighting. It has also allowed many of its employees who are volunteer fire fighters to leave their work to attend fires.

The Lab, a U.S. Department of Energy scientific research facility, sits on a 5,300-acre site, most of it undeveloped pine forest. BNL has its own full-time fire/rescue department, which is maintained to protect the 350 Lab buildings and its site, plus Brookhaven's 3,300 employees and the tens of thousands of visitors to the Lab each year.

BNL firefighters and other staff have responded to the fires in the following ways:

BNL's police are on firewatch for brush fires on the Lab site, and the Lab is maintaining a normal crew of six firefighters and two officers.

Brookhaven Lab has offered its site, supplies and staff to aid in the ongoing battle against the Westhampton blazes, including providing rooms in its dormitories for firefighters from other areas, repairing and providing fuel for fire trucks, offering a tilt trailer and winch for transport of disabled fire trucks, and making a central building available as a staging area for off-duty fire trucks. The Lab will continue to assist in any way it can.