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Mailed 1/18/96


Upton, NY -- The weather of '95 was warmer and drier than most years, and the winter of 1994-1995 was marked by only 6.5 inches of snow at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory. In contrast, the Blizzard of '96 dumped 19 inches of snow at the Laboratory, bringing the snowfall for the 1995-96 season so far to 42.5 inches as of January 16. Meterological records have been kept at Brookhaven Lab since 1949.

"During the 1994-95 snow season, we had the second least amount of snowfall, with 1972-73 having the least -- 5.7 inches," said Brookhaven Lab meteorologist Victor Cassella. "The snowiest season ever at Brookhaven was 1966-67, with a total of 74.9 inches."

Precipitation in 1995 was 8.6 inches below average, with a total of 39.4 inches recorded for the entire year. A six-month period from March through August of '95 was the driest on record with only 12.3 inches of precipitation. March and August were also the two driest months on record, with 1.5 and 0.54 inches of rainfall, respectively.

With 19 hurricanes, 1995 had the second most active hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean. According to Cassella, Long Island was left relatively unscathed by the storms, although some beach erosion and coastal flooding were reported during Hurricane Felix, which was active from August 8-17; Hurricane Luis, August 28 to September 11; and Hurricane Marilyn, September 12-22.

While the yearly average temperature for 1995 was 1.2oF above normal, 11 new high and two new low temperatures were set during the year. The thermometer hit four new highs for January: 54.5oF on the 7th, and on three consecutive days -- the 13th, 14th and 15th -- the respective highs were 59.5oF, 65oF, and 65.5oF. Other new highs were: 93oF on June 20, 90.5oF on August 16, 94oF on August 21, 90oF on August 24, 83oF on October 6, 80.5oF on October 13 and a balmy 66oF on November 28. The new lows were set on June 28 and 29, when the thermometer hit 43oF and 41oF, respectively.

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