Brookhaven National Laboratory
Response to the Bari Committee Report

May 1, 1997


On March 3, 1997, the Director of Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) appointed a committee to review the Laboratory's Environmental, Safety & Health decision-making process and to make recommendations for the improvement of the Lab's environmental, health and safety programs. The committee was headed by Robert Bari, Chair of BNL's Department of Advanced Technology, with members that included a representative from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.

The Committee's recommendations address the need for clearer management roles and responsibilities at the Laboratory, improvements in how the existing ranking system for environmental, health and safety programs is used, and the benefits of instituting a comprehensive and proactive site-wide hazards assessment and control system.

Brookhaven National Laboratory is prepared to aggressively act on the Committee's recommendations.

Over the next several months we intend to take the following initiatives to begin the process of elevating environment, health and safety issues to the same level as the award-winning science for which the Laboratory is world renowned.



The management and employees of BNL want to thank the Bari Committee members for their efforts in compiling this Report. We welcome the recommendations of the Bari Committee and will incorporate them into our immediate and long-term plans to integrate environmental, safety and health into all our programs and operations at the Laboratory.