BNL Statement
(in response to DOE Press Release)
December 22, 1997

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Statement by Peter Bond, BNL Interim Director, On Safety Violations Cited by Department of Energy


The three incidents cited today by the Department of Energy as safety violations at Brookhaven National Laboratory occurred this year, and all were reported publicly. Even though none of these events resulted in serious health consequences to workers or to the public, they were of concern to Brookhaven management.

In response, the Laboratory took immediate corrective action at the time of each incident. These responses included disciplinary actions, review of procedures and revised training.

We have noted some factual inaccuracies in DOE's notice of violation and will respond to correct the record. Nevertheless, these incidents should not have happened.

The Laboratory has embarked on a management improvement program that is directed not only at the issues identified in the notice of violation, but other issues identified by our staff as well. We at Brookhaven Lab are committed to conducting our operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in order to protect our workers, our community and our environment.