For Immediate Release
May 28, 1997

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The U.S. Department of Energy is seeking a not-for-profit organization or not-for-profit-led team to operate its Brookhaven National Laboratory under a new performance-based contract to be awarded in early November 1997.

The Department's preliminary plans for the Source Selection process for Brookhaven were announced today on the Commerce Business Daily's electronic home page:

Secretary of Energy Federico Peña also announced today that DOE's Acting Associate Deputy Secretary for Field Management Franklin G. Peters had been named the Source Selection Official (SSO) who will make the final decision.

"Brookhaven is one of the Department's major multi-program laboratories, with unique, world-class research facilities and an impressive track record of scientific achievement," said Secretary Peña. "It is important to the nation that this facility continues to provide its science and technology benefits, while assuring safety and protecting the environment. Equally important, Brookhaven must be a good neighbor in the community. Mr. Peters is an experienced official with the capability and background necessary to assure that the organization or team selected to operate Brookhaven has the qualifications and capabilities to meet these goals."

Over the next six months, Mr. Peters will lead a Source Evaluation Board (SEB) made up of DOE scientific, technical and operational experts. This board will plan the selection, prepare all documents, evaluate proposals submitted, and present its findings on the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal to the SSO for a final decision. DOE's Chicago Operations Office, which has overall management responsibility for the Brookhaven contract, will chair the SEB and support Mr. Peters in this selection process.

Today's Commerce Business Daily announcement reflects other key decisions about the new contract and how the solicitation process will be run. The new contract will have a five-year term, with one five-year extension option. There will also be an "off-ramp" provision which would allow DOE to replace the contractor after three years if performance is not excellent. There will be an appropriate transition period following award of the new contract in early November to permit effective coordination with the current contractor, Associated Universities, Inc.

While DOE is requiring that a not-for-profit organization lead the Brookhaven contract, the CBD announcement encourages prospective offerors to consider teaming with other not-for-profit or commercial organizations to help them meet the broad range of capabilities and experience required by DOE's performance expectations.

Proposers must agree to offer employment to virtually all of current Brookhaven employees at comparable pay and benefits, except for key Laboratory management personnel; to credit employees' length of service; and to recognize the currently certified collective bargaining agents and collective bargaining agreements. The new contractor must also be prepared to assume responsibility and accountability for existing commercial and regulatory obligations.

Proposers will be expected to identify a proposed Laboratory Director and other senior staff responsible for managing key Laboratory functions.

DOE plans to obtain comments from employees and the community in developing plans for the solicitation, including identifying the most important Source Selection Criteria. These criteria identify the most important qualifications and capabilities DOE will seek in a contractor or team and their relative "weighting" or importance.

DOE has announced that it will hold Information Exchanges May 28 and 29 at Brookhaven and in the nearby community for employees and members of the public. Information on the selection process will be presented at these meetings and DOE will seek comments on the criteria and how the selection process should be carried out.

A Strategic Solicitation Plan, outlining DOE's proposed plans for the selection, including draft Source Selection Criteria, will be issued for public comment in mid-June. Strategic Solicitation Plan Workshops, tentatively scheduled for June 24 and 25 at a location near the Laboratory, will be held to obtain comments from employees, the community and prospective offerors. The Strategic Solicitation Plan will be available from the DOE Chicago Operations Office Home Page:, and on computer disk by request.

In early July, the formal Request for Proposals (RFP) will be issued, detailing the qualifications and expectations DOE has of a contractor. A Preproprosal Conference will be held in mid to late July for organizations considering proposing. While this will deal primarily with technical aspects of proposal preparation, it will be held on Long Island and be open to anyone interested in attending. Proposals will be due in late August. The RFP will also be available on the Chicago Operations Home Page and by disk.

The SEB will evaluate the proposals against the Source Evaluation Criteria and make findings on the strengths and weaknesses of each offeror's proposal against each of these criteria. The Board's findings will be presented to the Source Selection Official for his decision. Announcement of DOE's decision on the new contractor is expected in early November.

Firms seeking additional information on the Brookhaven recompetition should contact:

U.S. Department of Energy
Source Evaluation Board for Selection of a Contractor for Brookhaven National Laboratory
9800 S. Cass Ave.
Argonne, IL 60439