The U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory has honored five employees with its Brookhaven Award. Granted under the Laboratory's employee awards program, this $2,000 award is presented annually, along with an engraved memento, to staff who do outstanding jobs supporting the Laboratory's scientific mission. The 1997 Brookhaven Award winners are: (from left) Edward McFadden, a Blue Point resident, who recently modernized Brookhaven's computer facilities and is currently building a supercomputer for Nobel Prize winner T.D. Lee; George Meinken, a Middle Island resident who has made significant contributions to medical research and to several technological advances, including the development of a radiopharmaceutical to treat the severe pain of bone cancer; Douglas Paquette, of Shoreham, for using his understanding of the Lab's hydrogeology to monitor groundwater around the High Flux Beam Reactor for potential releases, an effort that resulted in the discovery of the tritium plume emanating from the research reactor's spent fuel pool; Janet Tempel, of Sound Beach, who, as head of the Lab's Museum Programs, increased the annual number of visitors and schoolchildren who take part in tours and various educational programs at the Lab from 800 in 1981 to 25,000 today; and Martin Fallier, of East Moriches, who, as a member of Brookhaven's Plant Engineering Division, successfully managed many major construction projects at the Lab, including Brookhaven's new $16.1-million waste management facility.