For Immediate Release
April 21, 1998

Media Contact: Carol A. Morrison, Chicago Operations Office
(for the Brookhaven Group), 630/252-2014



The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE), Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and the Brookhaven Executive Round Table announced significant progress in establishing a Community Advisory Council for Brookhaven National Laboratory. The community-based Council will ensure that the ideas, interests, and concerns of the laboratory's neighboring communities are considered and addressed by the laboratory in its decision-making processes.

The Council will provide advice to Brookhaven Science Associates, the management and operating contractor of the Laboratory, and create a new communication channel through which the laboratory and DOE can listen and respond to the ideas and concerns of the community.

The Council is being established at the request of the community, following several DOE-sponsored discussions, studies, surveys and workshops conducted since mid-1997 as well as a recent survey conducted by a community-based Exploration Committee.

The Brookhaven Executive Round Table, a forum for communication and integration of information and activities related to BNL, is assisting the Laboratory in formulating the draft Council Charter and identifying diversified membership.

The Brookhaven Executive Round Table consists of regulators and representatives of other federal state, and local government organizations as well as DOE and BNL management. The BER will develop a charter and identify Council membership within the next few months. Membership will be diverse, representing a broad range of community interests.

Final plans for formation of the Council will be announced publicly.